Here’s Why Your Next Job Should Be Working with Computers

People have been talking about computers being our future for over two decades. But it still hasn’t quite sunk into society’s general consciousness just how important it is to have a solid background in computer education. We are still going through life thinking that the nuts and bolts of this computer stuff is for someone else to figure out.

This is untrue at every level. Even before talking about changing careers, it is obvious that the average person knows little about the object they spend so much of the time using. When something goes wrong, they are clueless about how to fix it. People are treating computers as if they were appliances. We don’t really need to know much about how a refrigerator works. Just plug it in, and it works for about ten years. Education not required. Computers aren’t even close to that.

They are more like cars were 20 years ago. It would have been considered irresponsible to own a car without knowing how to, at the very least, change a tire and add oil. Beyond basic maintenance, there were many under-the-hood tasks that were common knowledge, and quite handy in a pinch. People don’t even know the computer equivalent of changing a tire or adding oil. What we say about the importance of computers has never been in sync with our actions.

Here’s the cold, hard reality: If computers do not play a major role in your work life, you are in a dead-end job. Without some level of computer proficiency, you are practically unemployable. That is the case right now. And it will only get more true in the future. Here are some other reasons why your next job should be in computers:

Computers Have Never Been Easier to Learn
Learning any new skill can be challenging, especially learning the skills of computer technology. There are also many levels of computer knowledge. Not everyone needs to be a programmer to understand the details of a computer. You can pick up certifications covering specific aspects of computer technology. Or you could go for a more traditional, well-rounded education that covers programming, web design/multimedia, networking, architecture, and database design/administration. Whether you look into a community college near you, or the top schools for computer science in PA (along with a variety of other locations), you will find that computer education has never been more accessible.

They Are Among the Highest Paying Jobs
How much money do you make? Chances are, with a degree in computer science, you will make more. According to GeekWire, the tech industry dominates the list of the top 25 highest-paying jobs in demand. Software architect and software development manager are #3 and #4 behind Physician and Pharmacy Manager. Also on the list is:

• Solutions architect
• Analytics manager
• IT Manager
• Product Manager
• Data scientist
• Computer hardware engineer
• Database administrator
UX design agency

If you follow the money, you will end up in a computer-centric job.

It’s Probably Already Your Passion
If you are an avid gamer, love to blog, or just like to download and play with a lot of new and interesting apps, you already have the most important ingredient for becoming a developer, web designer, or product tester. Passion is the ingredient you already have in abundance. If you pursue your passion, you’ll never have to work another day in your life. That’s the way it feels when you are doing what you love, and getting paid good money for it in the bargain.

Today, there are very few fields that don’t involve some knowledge of computers. If you are one of those people who are just allergic to technology and want nothing to do with it, you had better be one heck of a juggler.

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