Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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HIS Announces the Radeon R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock

The newest HIS R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock 2GB DDR3 has been unveiled by the Hightech Information System and for the ultimate customer satisfaction it looks to increase performance and enhance the speed with the feature of the Boost Clock which will guarantee higher speeds. A silent mode (quieter) and simpler version of over clocking has enabled with the use of iCooler and the iTurbo.

HIS Radeon R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock

The iCooler is extremely efficient with the task and helps the card function very silently; it helps the card maintain a noise level which is as low as 28dB. There will be absolutely no disturbance even while viewing photos, videos and the card will maintain its silent mode even during the most demanding of tasks such as playing movies in UVD mode. Along with this, the card has been equipped with the most innovative iTurbo for simple over clocking.

HIS Radeon R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock

One of the most important things is the user friendliness which allows the users to control the temperature levels as they wish and the speed and voltage of the card. All this requires very simple steps and will not be a problem for users.

HIS Radeon R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock

The exclusive Long Lasting Design of the HIS helps the prolonging of the life of the card. The extra strength is provided by the metal RIB which helps in providing extra strength to the PCBs and this helps avoid the bending.

Source: HIS | News Archive

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