HIS Launches Interesting Pink and Blue RX 5700 XT Cards

It looks like HIS has a new lineup of graphics cards call Pink and Blue Army. These cards are actually based off the company’s IceQ X2 design, the only real difference is in the color scheme, which you can see is quite interesting to say the least.

There are actually four total models, 2 Pink and 2 Blue, which are available as OC Editions and non-OC. The non-OC models are actually slightly overclocked though, they will boost up to 1925 MHz, while the OC models will boost up to 1980 MHz. The cards are 2.5-slot cards and offer the standard three DisplayPort and a single HDMI outputs.

As far as cooling goes you have a dual-fan cooler on top of a heatsink stack and each card does offer a full-cover backplate. The cooler shrouds are camo, which is pretty cool if you are into that.

Via VideoCardz

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