Hottest Computer Hardware Of 2019

Technology is developing at a very rapid pace. This means that our favorite machines are evolving every day. Technology has become such a significant influence on our lives. It has become almost impossible for us to live without it. We all want to have the most advanced versions of our devices. This means that we are always on the lookout of the newest version of those devices we hold dear. From cell phones, tablets, TV screens, gaming consoles to the computer. Everyone wants to have the latest version.

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The good thing about modern times is that even though these computers are very powerful, they very affordable, unlike in the past. It does not matter the budget you plan on spending; you will always get something that will suit you.  Here are some of the best PCs that 2019 has to offer:

The Dell XPS Tower
computer 1
With the dell XPS tower special edition, dell has created a magnificent machine. Even though it has that retro look, it packs a punch on the inside, especially for those who like pc gaming. It offers you a variety of Intel core chips from corei5 to corei9. It has an RTX2070 card and a substantial HDD and RAM option. This is among some of the most magnificent pieces of computing hardware today. Its retailing prices start from $1200 0n Amazon.

Intel Hades Canyon NUC
intel nuc 1
When it comes to a mini PC, this is the best one in 2019. This is an ideal desktop for those who want to have a powerful machine that fits in a small space. Its specs include a corei7 processor, AMD graphics, and ample storage space. The PC offers the following aspects;

  • Upgrade options- you can easily get any hardware upgrade for the computer to make it suit your needs
  • Multiple numbers of ports- you do not have to decide whether to remove one of your USB devices to charge your phone. It has got multiple ports to enable you to do a lot of different activities at a time.
  • Top-notch graphics- for all you gamers, then this pc is for you. Its graphic will enable you to enjoy a quality gaming experience.

Acer Aspire Desktop
computer 1
Speaking of the best and affordable PCs, this one is top of the line. This Acer pc has a seventh-generation Corei5 processor from Intel. It also has a ram of eight gigabytes and a hard disc of 2TB. The graphics of this computer will enable you to work and play like a pro. They will allow you to work on different tasks on the computer without it slowing down. The best think about it is that it is very powerful and yet very affordable. It retails at only $600 in the United States.

The best way to access the internet today is usually by computer. This is why we have decided to compile for you a list of the most advanced computer hardware available in the market in 2019. PCs are more powerful than ever before. Nowadays, they are capable of packing super high-end graphic cards, eight processor cores, and even real-time ray tracing. Spin back a few years ago, and some of these things would have seemed impossible.

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