How an AI Powered Contact Center Ensures You Never Miss a Client

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, normal business operations have been put on hold in several different industries. Many office-based teams have been forced to disperse, and work solely from home. It’s also been very common to see many businesses closing up early or adjusting their opening times. With this limited interaction between employees, as well as restrictions on access for customers, many businesses are facing negative consequences.


Automation has become a popular option for business owners looking to streamline operations for the team, and expand their support and availability for their customers. Call center software integrations take automation to a new level, and by its implementation, workloads are being reduced and customer satisfaction is on the rise. There are many different applications across multiple industries.

What is call center software?

A virtual call center offers a seamless customer experience by using the power of artificial intelligence and bots. By integrating automation in the form of call center software, you can streamline your team’s operations and offer self-service options to your customers, in order to provide them support around the clock. Call center software shortens wait times and offers faster customer service. It’s these features that help improve your customer satisfaction across the board.


Bright Pattern provides an artificial intelligence call center that enhances the customer experience for your clients. Their artificial intelligence integrations offer functions like speech recognition and interactive voice response (IVR) to enable faster customer service and authentication. Bright Pattern’s powerful innovations work to empower your team and your customers. Their virtual agents, chatbots, and virtual assistants are powered by Bright Pattern’s IVR and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, in order to create highly conversational digital communication. Your customers will no longer feel like they are speaking to a robot when they contact your business after hours. With more natural responses from chatbots and virtual agents, callers will receive high quality customer support that parallels that of interacting with human agents.


By having only a physical call center with human contact center agents, your business and your customer interactions face significant limitations. Even if you’ve previously integrated some out-dated chatbots and IVR systems, they most likely lack the ability to communicate with natural language that appears conversational. It becomes obvious to your callers that they’re speaking with a bot. This often leads to bad experiences for callers and online customers. Bright Pattern uses new technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure the highest quality of communication and customer experience. Their contact center virtual assistants can quickly route customer calls to a live agent in real-time during business hours, or handle customer inquiries whenever it’s needed, with ease.

Applications in the Real Estate industry.

The real estate business is one industry that’s taking advantage of digital call center agents and virtual assistants. Having virtual customer service agents available around the clock makes it easy to communicate with potential clients when it’s convenient for them. Venterra Realty stands out among other real estate agencies because they employ industry-leading technology advances in their day-to-day operations. These technological integrations have numerous benefits for potential customers, current residents, and even investors.


The technological innovations that Venterra uses to provide an exceptional customer experience do so by creating digital channels to aid in the customer journey. Virtual customer service agents, web-enabled applications, and predictive analytics work in unison to provide efficient human interaction when necessary, and virtual assistance as the next best action. Venterra’s goal with these digital integrations is to solve customer problems in less time and always provide a better customer experience than the time before. They’re industry leaders when it comes to their digital channels, and they’re always striving to improve upon their already great customer and employee experience.