How are your daily sales?

Digital Signage offers a lot of benefits to small and big businesses. It can help in boosting sales with the right kind of content, encourage people to spend more time shopping and also build up customer loyalty by providing relevant information at the right place.

It is important for business owners to understand what Digital Signage is and how it works. Essentially, Digital Signage includes anything from smart TVs, LCD screens or projectors connected through local network or cloud based services which enable companies to deploy multimedia messages on digital displays.

Digital signage basically provides an engaging platform where these displays are used as advertisement mediums so that you can enhance your profit margins.

For using digital signage effectively, here are some tips to increase daily sales:

1) Targeted Advertisement:

You must know your customers. What are their needs, demographics and interests? Using Digital Signage, such as the ones at, you can reach out to customers even before they walk into your shop or stores.   For example; if there’s a grocery store nearby which offers fresh as well as packaged vegetables you can strategically put up content like “Buy 2 kilos of green peas (fresh) get 1 kg of tomatoes for free” or “5% off on potatoes”. You can change them daily with some upcoming sale also. This way, even without seeing the physical products you will be able to attract customers by only displaying digital content through digital signage in an organized manner.

2) Timely Information:

What about working mothers who run households and shops in the same time? They hardly have any time to go through newspaper ads as they are busy with their daily chores. But you can give them daily updates about upcoming offers, sale discounts, and new arrivals of products or a special discount coupon on a particular item which will help her in the long run. This way, you can make use of Digital Signage by using it to deliver timely information.

3) Traffic Boost:

You know how difficult it is for your business to compete with other brands who may provide similar services but at cheaper rates because of their huge advertisement budgets. You do not have that much money to spend on advertisements and that is why digital signage can help you get more footfalls. If you put up an advertisement saying “Get a Free coffee with every purchase of “$20” or “Enjoy 30% discount by paying through cash only”, then your business will be easily noticed by people who are always looking for offers like these. This way, Digital Signage can help boosting traffic in your shop or store.

4) Group Discounts:

You must have customers who travel in Groups right? It may be friends, colleagues from office, family members, co-religionists etc., You can encourage them to visit your shop at the same time if they are willing to spend money together and save some money in the process. You can easily display messages like “If you are traveling in group of 5 or more, take 20% off on your bill”,

Display timely information to the right audience, and give group discounts. Make your customers have a positive relationship with your advertisements and your traffic will increase.