How computer technology has helped to advance travel in the US

There’s no doubt about it, advanced computer technology has certainly helped improve and enhance travel in the US. In fact, there has been a digital revolution for holidaymakers across the world, and these technological advances are only set to develop further and revolutionise the way we travel. From applying for your ESTA visa online on websites such as, to upgrading your flights to business class on your phone, here’s how computer technology has helped to advance travel in the US:

Online Booking

The days of walking eagerly into a travel agency to arrange a well-deserved weekend break in paradise are over. In fact, so many people are heading online to book there holidays that travel agents across the world are closing branches and heading into the digital age to accommodate the demand. While you still can visit a travel agency and have someone book a trip for you, you can now book an entire trip yourself online on websites such as Expedia. But, online holidays aren’t always cheaper than in-branch quotes. Despite the assumption that booking holidays online is in fact cheaper, the value of a good travel agent will never go amiss. While they can steer you away from run-down hotels that have seen better days, they can also help you find the best deal and with so many available online, deciding where to stay in the US is even more difficult!

Mobile Applications

Travelling to the US – or anywhere for that matter – no longer requires sheets of printed boarding passes to seamlessly pass through security. Now, you can store your boarding pass on your phone, safety inside your digital ‘Wallet’ if you have an iPhone, for convenience. Plus, you longer need to worry about missing your flight since your mobile boarding pass will pop up on the home display screen ready to be swiped left for use.

Travel Tips

A number of business-run and personal blogs or forums have improved the way we travel in the US. No longer are we bound to the suggestions laid out inside a single guidebook, or the words of a travel agent. Now, we have more than one source we can refer to when we want to travel in the US. Better yet, these suggestions are typically based on personal experience, meaning they are even more reliable so you can have the holiday of a lifetime and avoid bad situations. From deciding the best time to visit the US according to the weather to finding luxury accommodation in the heart of New York City, you can find all the information you need at the click of a button (literally)!

Real-Time Information

For airports, having multiple up-to-date screens dotted around is an invaluable resource for guests travelling in the US. Not only can guests see if their flight is delayed, they can see if their flight is cancelled and make the relevant arrangements to cater for their unexpected prolonged stay. As well as this, real-time passenger information systems provide information as it occurs, improving customer experience and communication. After all, who wants to be told their connecting flight to the US has been changed last minute?

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