How Do You Identify Crypto Signals and What Sources Are Decent

If currency trading is something you are already familiar with and you desire to get more advanced in it, then you must know how to read cryptocurrency trading signals and define if they are trustable. This short guide overviews how to find crypto signals at reliable sources.

Safetrading is one of such respected places to cryptocurrency signals being respected and referenced by Forbes, Business Insider,, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Huffpost, and other world-known names. So, this short article calls for trusting only proven sources and not trying your luck elsewhere.

Best Crypto Signals to Pay Attention to

Now, identifying the signals starts with recognizing the main groups of them:

  • Volume
  • News
  • Math indicators
  • Support and resistance

Volume, for instance, shows how much the currency is currently traded. The chart of bars shows this volume. The colours of the volume indicate whether the price goes up or down at the moment; for instance, the green colour of bars shows that the closing price is now higher than that on the previous bar. The red bars indicate the opposite.

The tricky side of trading relying on crypto signals is that there are no signals found in the open access. Most of such signals are shared in Telegram groups of different kinds. There are either free and paid, or private, groups and each of them has its pros and cons.

For example, when you source your knowledge in free channels, there is a high risk that the author is a non-professional. Plus, many free groups turn into paid resources and demand monthly cash for participation because if the info is well researched, experts won’t give it for free.

Where to Get Reliable Crypto Trading Signals to Benefit From

Here we want to warn you about frauds that take place very often in such group channels as described above. To choose the best crypto signals and not get deceived or bankrupt, make sure that you don’t work with the signal provider that:

  1. Demands lifetime subscription.
  2. Is not searchable in Google.
  3. Has their currency fluctuations suspiciously ‘independent’ (when the whole world stops trading at this platform is blooming).
  4. Boasts unrealistically high trading results (150% profit at every deal is too much and, we would say, unreal).

Okay, now, when you know where not to take cryptocurrency signals, it’s time to look at some adequate places to look them up.

Now, the best option to find crypto signals to rely on, to our mind, is Safetrading.

The Safetrading platform shares nearly 300 crypto signal channels made by successful traders. They contain realistic forecasts about the trade for the next couple of days and when to sell or buy Bitcoin to receive spinoffs.

Automated crypto signals Telegram advised by Safetrading include well-known signal service providers such as AltCenter Signals, Verified Crypto Traders, MyCryptoParadise, Mike’s Premium Signals, and more. Each includes detailed technical analysis, entry prices, stop-loss, and targets to make your experience with trading positive.

So, if you don’t want to lose your assets, beware of unreliable sources and pick Telegram crypto signals recommended by Safetrading.