How Does Smart Technology Help With Global Warming?

From protecting the environment to helping you manage your time effectively, smart buildings technology can transform your home! For many, the direct link between global warming and smart technology remains unclear, but this article will help you understand how this technology can aid in conserving water and energy while automating home appliances.

Smart Thermostats Equal Better Temperature Control

Smart thermostats are ideal for allowing you to decrease your carbon footprint by having better remote control over your indoor temperatures. Whether heading off to work or leaving for a longer vacation, remotely controlling your thermostat via an app can help you turn off your HVAC system or start it up before heading home. Additionally, a programmable thermostat allows your system to run on a schedule that can eliminate the guesswork of when and how to turn on your heating or cooling. Not only is this an effective way to save money and increase your home’s efficiency, but it allows you to curb energy waste.

Smart Lighting Saves Power

Smart bulbs and lighting fixtures also allow you to have complete control over your indoor lighting. Using the Internet of Things, you can remotely control your indoor environment and conserve power whenever you’re not home. Instead of leaving your garden or porch lights on all day, you can set them to respond to your needs on a schedule such as during sunrise and sunset. Philips Hue is an example of a fantastic smart bulb lighting option that offers complete control via an app and allows you to select from 16 million colors! Additionally, you can dim or place the bulbs on a running timer.

Smart Air Tech for Better Air Quality

Smart gadgets can greatly impact on the quality of air in your building. With air pollution something increasingly seen as problematic for health and the UK even reporting death causes by poor air quality, ensuring the air quality of where you work and live is high, is essential. Smart tech can help with air quality and ensure your health benefits as does your mental wellbeing. This post here will show you how to measure air quality and this can give you a good idea if you need to make changes. Smart air quality tech also helps improve air quality without the need to open windows or change climate settings, which is also very beneficial.

Smart Security Systems For Safety

Most modern security cameras that allow for remote app control come with HD resolution, night vision, an energy efficient design, and completely wireless installation. Using careful sensors, these cameras are able to detect movement and start recording when necessary. Newer models will also include ways to startle burglars through flashing lights, sirens, and even a two-way radio.

*It’s crucial not to only rely on smart technology for the safety of your home. In case of accidents or power failure, you should have a backup plan. Having a good solid insurance policy in combination with a state-of-the-art security system can ensure adequate protection and coverage in case of damage or theft.

Smart Window Treatments

Smart technology doesn’t just help with indoor temperature manipulation, but it also allows you to have better control over your window treatments. Smart window treatment systems can help cool your house down during the summer and keep it warm during the winter. Timers and sensors can help automate the process of opening and closing your blinds, which also effectively helps lessen the load on your HVAC system. For example, during the bitter winter cold, it can complement your heating system by allowing natural sunlight through open blinds. As the sun sets, the automation can help close the window treatments.

Saving Water The Smart Way

5.4 billions of water could be saved daily if every household would install smart water-saving features— this translates to 30% water conservation every single day! The number one reason most water is wasted is due to the overwatering of front lawns and gardens, even during seasons where it’s wholly unnecessary to do so. A smart irrigation system can help address this problem, especially during seasonal changes that may impact the amount of water necessary to keep lawns and gardens healthy. If everyone could do their part in lowering water waste, it could seriously help our environment become healthier and more robust.

Smart showerheads are another great way to conserve water as they have built-in dispersers that curb water usage but still feel great on the skin. There are many options available for selecting the perfect showerhead from rainfall showerheads to handheld ones, but getting the right one for your needs ensures that you will easily get acquainted with the low flow feature. Did you know that some showerheads can also change the color of your water? Make showers more interesting and entertaining by choosing a showerhead with LED lights. You can select a showerhead that alternates between red and blue to signal how your water consumption changes.