How Is Horse Racing Becoming a Bigger Part of the Online Entertainment Industry

When you switch on your computer, you can choose from several different ways of hooking up to the world of horse racing. While this sport has traditionally been low-tech, it’s not going to take you long to find a way of enjoying it from a distance today.

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A Variety of Slot Games

Online casinos have introduced thousands of themed slots to online players, with the fruits and bells of land machines now replaced in many cases by images like Vikings, pirates, and aliens. Among all these diverse themes, horse racing is particularly popular with fans. Some of these games simply take traditional slot mechanics and add images of horses and jockeys with a grandstand as the background.

However, these details of three popular horse racing themed slot games show how the creators have taken different approaches to putting the sport into a casino game. Big Racing by Cayetano has a bonus round where you choose the horse you think will win the race. Derby Wheel also has a racing segment, but you spin a wheel to gain entry. Slingo Racing has a different twist, as you earn a multiplier if your chosen horse crosses the finishing line first.

Breed and Sell Horses in the Metaverse

This is far from being the only way to enjoy the feeling of being part of the horse racing industry. Game of Silks aims to make it easier for people to own a horse, although in this case, it’s a digital version represented by an NFT. These horses then take part in virtual races that can increase their value.

Several attempts have been made to use the blockchain and the metaverse to add a new way of looking at horse breeding and racing that anyone can try. DeFiHorse is a blockchain platform where players can buy, breed, and sell horses that then take part in races with prizes up for grabs. The most valuable horse types listed on their site include Chaos and Titan, with each horse represented by a unique NFT to ensure transparency.

This industry is fairly new, so it’s not yet clear how much demand there is for this type of horse breeding and racing in the metaverse.

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Stream Horse Racing Shows and Events

It’s now incredibly simple to watch the top horse races from around the world. Streaming services including Racing TV and Peacock offer a wide range of events and analysis for you to catch up with. If you don’t mind watching a replay of the action once the race is over, you’ll find many top races added to YouTube, while the Bloodhorse site has a results section where some races are replayed.

All of these different approaches we’ve looked at help show how horse racing has developed into an activity that can be enjoyed in many forms. Expect to see this popular sport become an even bigger part of the online entertainment industry as technology advances.

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