How Much Money Can You Make On Twitch

No matter if you stream purely as a hobby or if you are trying to make it a career, you have probably wondered how much money you can make on Twitch. The amount of money that you can make on Twitch will vary widely depending on your audience size. However audience size isn’t the only factor that dictates the amount of money streamers make.

Sponsors and promotions are another popular way for streamers to earn a lot of revenue. You will see some of your favourite big streamers usually have sponsors on their stream. Gfuel is one such popular sponsor that you will see a lot of on different streams.

How Much Are The Top Streamers Earning ?

If we take a look at some of the estimated earnings of the top streamers, you might be quite surprised to find out just how much they make. Ninja is one such streamer who rose to the top of the Twitch ranks during the Fortnite hype. It was estimated that Ninja could be earning up to $20 million per year from his career in gaming. It’s very hard to get an accurate amount as the only definitive evidence we can get is the number of paid subscribers a streamer has. If you factored in sponsors, YouTube revenue, paid promotions, the figure would be much higher.

DrDisrespect is estimated to earn anywhere between $500k and $1 million per year. It is more likely closer if not more than the $1 million per year mark. DrDisrespect has multiple sponsors, a lot of different merch, and limited edition products with some of his sponsors.

TimTheTatman is another streamer who we can estimate to be earning around $1 million per year. This is from subscribers alone. If you were to factor in sponsors, ad revenue, and any paid promotions, the number would be much higher.

How To Become A Full Time Streamer ?

While it’s motivating to see just how much streamers can earn. You may be more interested in what it would take to be able to make a full time living from it. To start off, in order to earn money through a platform like Twitch you first need to become an affiliate. Once you reach affiliate, you can then receive subscribers.

If you took the average wage of $48,000 per year we can now workout how many subs you would need per month to create a full time living. A salary of $48,000 per year works out to be $4000 per month. Given the fact that streamers only earn 50% from the cost of a $4.99 twitch sub, they would need 1600 subs per month to hit the $4000 in revenue.

There are of course different tiered subs on twitch, some costing up to $24.99, so if you had some of these subs, the actual number may be lower.

1600 subs may seem like a far off prospect, especially when starting out. However more and more streamers are making a living out of streaming. This indicates that there is more than enough opportunity out there to turn your passion into a living. Knowing how to get a leg up on your competition will also help accelerate your growth and take you one step closer to your dream.

Investing in good quality hardware such as microphones and webcam will really set you apart by having a professional look. You can even get Twitch overlays to create a strong brand image for yourself.


There is a crazy amount of money to be made in the live streaming industry. And this will only increase along with the popularity of streaming. More and more people are watching streams, and there are new streamers beginning their journey every day.

Streaming as a passion should be the top of your priorities if you want to begin streaming. Given how tough the competition is out there, if your heart is not truly in it then it’s going to be difficult to see through.