How Next-Gen Consoles are in competition with PC Gaming and which one is the better choice??

Some PC gamers are not much impressed by the arrival of next-gen gaming consoles in which the latest hardware is launched by Nvidia and AMD.  But there are also some gamers who are much impressed by these upgraded launches by Nvidia and AMD in next-gen consoles as they indicate the glorious and bright future of gaming and entertainment.

In our both next-gen consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X,  AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 chips are used.

However, Few PC gamers don’t like  AMD Zen 2 because they are habitual of AMD Zen 3 in their PC but they are totally unaware of  RDNA 2 chips.

Let’s talk in some detail.

Before these next-gen consoles, The original Xbox One and PS4 were upto the mark in the world of gaming and there was no such idea of replacing them but the developers want to create a premium alternative of these consoles in which we can run the same games in the same disc with more bells and whistles. Keeping all this in mind, Developers create next-gen consoles which are now mirroring the PC gaming.

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If we talk about  CPU and GPU then   the next-gen Console is far better for value. If you play games on PC with 1TB Custom SSD, 4K Blu-ray resolution, 8 GB Ram and all those other features of Consoles then you need to pay twice or thrice the price of Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. In simple words, you can’t compare the specifications of a PC with the next-gen consoles at the same price.

Reasons to Buy Next-Gen Console

If you are confused between the next-gen consoles and the PC then these few points will help you to make better choice for you :

  • Next-Gen Consoles are much cheaper than the PC. They price near about $400-$500. On the other hand, if you are purchasing a PC of the same specifications then it costs you more than $1000.
  • Most of the games are optimized and updated now. Therefore you can play them in better settings without any bugs.
  • Next-gen consoles also allow gamers to play the old generation games through backward compatibility.
  • Here you will get access to all the latest updates and new features.
  • Moreover, Next-gen consoles will have Better Resale value in the future.
  • If you love Casual Games such as – NBA, FIFA etc. then you should go with the consoles.
  • Here you will get access to all Exclusives on the first day.

Reasons Not to Buy Next-Gen Consoles

If you are a PC lover, then these points will clear all your doubts and you will refuse the next-gen consoles.

  • Now you will experience ultra high speed with the Nvidia Ampere and Big Navi on their way.
  • You can get most of the Xbox Day 1 Games on your PC through the Game Pass.
  • You can also perform multitasking features on your PC while a Console refuses to do so.
  • Sony has promised to bring new party games for PC in future
  • You can upgrade parts of your PC from time to time according to the latest launches.
  • On every latest launch of Console, the value of the previous version starts fading but there is no such case with the PC.
  • You can expand RAM or any other storage in your PC at a low price while the Expandable Storage for Consoles are exceptionally pricey.