How Tech Can Help Lawyers

In the modern era of smartphones and apps, ‘the internet of things,’ and complex, exciting software solutions for business, lawyers are amongst those professionals seeing their jobs made easier by tech. Digital technology has over the last decade or so, seen overheads cut drastically inside companies that have automated a number of once manual processes, driving optimal efficiency in their firms. This is certainly the case of law firms, where the technology used by lawyers and their assistants is helping streamline and secure the futures of the brightest and best in the legal world.

It’s Portable

Many lawyers work on the move. They travel between business meetings in their city of operation, and often board flights bound for other cities, regions or countries to meet with clients, witnesses and other legal teams with whom to collaborate and learn from. In the past, being away from one’s desk entailed a serious reduction in productivity. The BlackBerry phone only slightly improved this, with emails embedded into the phone’s architecture. Current mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are incredibly enabling in their portable connectivity and flexibility, helping lawyers work on the move.

Managing Cases

Lawyers like to focus on their work. They want to be busy compiling complex legal documents, liaising with their legal team, and making sure that they’re constructing the tightest-possible legal case for their client when the case eventually tips towards the court. They don’t want to spend half of their time managing their case and creating long-form documents that could be automated. That’s why the software provided by, with its ability to manage legal cases and automate documents and other files, is such a useful addition to a lawyer’s repertoire – freeing up time to concentrate on what really matters: the case at hand.


Technology has globalized the world, creating instantaneous messaging from one corner of the planet to the other. For those legal teams working on cases that involve multi-national companies and clients, this is one of the most significant breakthroughs in terms of reducing communication lags and transport costs, helping business meetings take place between offices as far-stretching as Hong Kong, Cape Town, New York, and Buenos Aires. It’s one of the most marvelous tools – and, with modern and newly-released encrypted communication tools – it’s perfect for lawyers looking to communicate with a range of confidential material, safe from the risk of hacks or data theft.

Search Call-Ups

On complex legal cases only a decade or two ago, lawyers would be forced to visit libraries or call-up historic legal information to help them build their cases. Hugely time-consuming and difficult to coordinate, it represented a serious investment of time and effort that might be better spent elsewhere. Since the advent of online, digital resources to cover all areas of national and international law, this has been something that all lawyers have, with a sigh of relief, left behind for good. Now it’s far easier to call up information regarding case notes and history – a huge time-saving benefit for lawyers.

Tech helps business in several ways, and lawyers are no exemption. These four points highlight how tech has helped lawyers concentrate on their cases, streamlining the process of winning legal disputes.

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