We are living in an era of incredible technological advancement that never stops. As a result, most if not all industries have been greatly impacted.

The gambling industry is certainly among them, taking advantage of the latest technologies to the fullest. Online casinos eagerly open up to the integration of most successful technological accomplishments.

Let’s have a look and see how the industry has been transformed as a result of that.

Going online

The first and most obvious impact is the online gambling industry moving into the virtual realm. There was a time when the only way to gamble was to book a trip. That is unless you were already lucky enough to be living in a city with a proper casino.

When the first online casinos emerged, they surely weren’t the same they are today. And still, it was a major breakthrough.

At the dawn of online gambling, the choice was quite modest and you had to download an app to play. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted game.

Today everyone can play from their mobile, enjoying thousands of pokies for any taste, and the special effects are utterly spectacular. Gambling has become mobile, more interactive, and accessible to more customers, which resulted in the industry booming.

Instant payments

Cashless payments were truly revolutionized by online gambling venues. It was important to make sure customers could quickly deposit. And not all of them were happy to see just credit cards as methods to choose from.

It’s not uncommon to see a casino offering a dozen or even a few dozen options to fund the account. It’s now the industry standard to have your funds deposited in a split second no matter the method.

Cryptocurrencies are also widely used, although casinos still need to figure out how to incentivize such players. For the time being, the participation of players using cryptocurrencies in bonuses and promotions is very limited.

The online gambling industry also streamlined instant withdrawals, greatly benefitting from them. Customers love the fact they can have their withdrawal processed instantly or within 2-3 hours at the most.

Take popular Australian casino Kahuna, for instance. As long as you are verified, your withdrawals take minutes to be processed. That’s the kind of speed to aim for.

Artificial intelligence

AI is one of those most recent innovations driven by improving customer experience. At online casinos, it can also help to ensure maximum security, fairness, and transparency.

Artificial intelligence is capable of handling various tasks for any gambling venue. The most noteworthy examples include:

  • running games instead of human live dealers;
  • handling customer care (live chat, and even phone);
  • identifying underage customers and blocking their access;
  • identifying patterns of cheating on the part of the customer;
  • preventing fraud through analyzing transactions and notifying the bank of any ¬†suspicious activity.

We are still years away from AI being implemented across the board, but the future looks very bright.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

vr tech gaming
AR and VR technologies are often used in the same sentence, and both have contributed to making gambling tons more immersive. Both offer the customer a chance to dig deeper and discover the real casino experience while remaining at home.

Even though there are still issues to figure out (like how to make VR more accessible), both technologies already generated endless ideas and possibilities for the industry. More global application of those is a matter of time.

Fair and transparent outcomes

Pokies used to be about spinning the reels and getting certain combinations. But there was always a chance some pokies may have been rigged. Thanks to casino technology becoming universal, it was important to make sure every outcome is indeed random.

Virtual random number generators are used across online gambling venues. Their operations are 100% transparent, which is verified regularly by third party organizations. Virtual RNGs at licensed legitimate casinos guarantee fair gambling to everyone.


The growth of the casino industry is largely attributed to the incredible advancement of technology in the last decade. The application is only likely to become more widespread and complex.