How to Brief an Essay Writer You Hire for Optimal Results

Many students ask for help from professional writers when it comes to college assignments. However, a big part of them is still unsure of how to communicate properly to achieve optimal results.

Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget about the most important requirement days after that the work has already been finished. That’s why it is better to have a written list to follow.

You shouldn’t be too careless when giving your task away and shouldn’t overthink it, making the work harder for you and your writer. When you look for an essay writer for hire, you need to form healthy expectations and set clear requirements. This way, the results are most likely to please you, and there will be no arguments over the final draft.

Want to learn how you can brief your expert so that collaboration flows smoothly and you end up with high-quality work that fits your request? Let’s put out in detail what you should do to have the best experience delegating your task.

Choose a Suitable Writer

First of all, you should choose the most suitable writer. Find the appropriate platform that is reliable and already has some reviews from previous clients. This will give you some guarantee that your work will be done the way you want it to.

Look through the list of experts if it’s available on the platform and study their order history and customer feedback, also paying attention to what their expertise is.

Here’re things to consider while picking a writer:

  • Looking for writers who have experience in your field;
  • Checking the writer’s qualifications and academic background;
  • Reading reviews from previous clients to make sure the writer is reliable;
  • Being aware of the writer’s availability and willingness to communicate when needed.

Sometimes it’s not that we are asking for too much, but we are asking for it in the wrong place. It’s a win if you choose someone knowledgeable in your field of study who can compose a great essay without taking too much time on extra research.

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Give a Clear Essay Topic and a Short Prompt

The essay topic and concise task description are two essential parts it’s impossible to forget about. However, you should make the prompt as clear as possible. Don’t try to stuff your prompt with a bunch of unnecessary details, as they might confuse the writer. This way, you will save time for your writer, and your task will be delivered sooner.

Provide the instructions from your professor and maybe even the grading rubric so that the writer focuses on the main points. Any reputable essay writing service that cares about excellent results will do its best to understand and follow the provided instructions. But your goal is to make it as easy for them as possible by preparing a self-explanatory prompt. It’s worth it: you will have to answer fewer questions or do fewer edits afterward.

Specify the Study Field and Academic Level

You don’t want to aim your arrow at the empty sky. Don’t forget to mention the subject and academic level so the writer knows what language and jargon are more appropriate for the assignment.

You might also want to share any guides and course objectives you deem relevant to your essay. The more context your chosen expert has, the higher the likelihood that you will get a paper worth an A+.

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Set a Realistic End Date

Your professors set deadlines for a reason, and you should follow suit. Yet, don’t wait until the last minute to reach out for help if quality matters to you. And be realistic when setting the due date because it’s a real human who writes your text.

Consider the time the writer might need to research, write, and edit the assignment. Leave some time before the actual end date if possible. This way, you will have a chance to ask for revisions or do a few quick edits yourself if you are a perfectionist.

Share a List of Sources or Criteria for Picking Sources

The proper use of sources is one of the most valuable aspects of academic writing. Therefore, it’s better not to compromise on this part.

Do you catch yourself constantly worrying: “Will the expert write my essay using the right sources?” Then, giving them a hint of what you prefer is a good idea. If you already have some reputable websites or books you use for writing essays, share them with your writer.

And if you are ready to entrust finding sources to your writer, guide them on which ones are acceptable and which ones are off-limits – something your professor will never approve.

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Provide Samples

It’s not a must-do aspect, but many students benefit from it. Providing your writer with similar essay samples would give them more ideas on what to do. It can work in a few ways.

If you are looking forward to the ordered essays feeling more like something you would usually write, then show them your previous works. The best paper writing services will help you create a piece that reflects your voice and mimics your style. You could also generate examples with AI and share them with your writer.


Briefing a writer for your college tasks is the most important step you can take on the way to an A+ assignment. It begins with picking the right expert capable of meeting your demands. It also involves thinking of how to formulate a clear essay topic and prompt, mentioning the study field and academic level. Indicate all the peculiarities you deem necessary, but try not to overload your writer with contradictory or excessive details.

Follow the guidance above, and you will be off to a great collaboration with the expert of your choice. Once you’re done with a nice, well-composed brief, the only thing you’ll have to do is wait for your perfect essay.