How to Choose a Gaming Laptop in 2021

For many of us, having a laptop is a must. After all, laptops enable us to do so many things, and since they’re portable, there is no limit to where we can use them. There are loads of great websites such as where you can play casino games, for example, and thanks to laptops, you can access these sites and gamble (and maybe even win) no matter where you may be. You don’t have to miss out; you can keep up with your gaming whether you are on holiday, away on a business trip or visiting family or friends.

If you are after a laptop, specifically gaming, a run-of-the-mill one just won’t cut it. Today’s games are highly advanced and use top-quality animations and graphics. So for the best gaming experience, you’ll need a laptop that’s specially designed to run the latest games. Carry on reading for some hints and tips that should help you find the best gaming laptop to suit your needs.


First thing’s first, there’s the price. Generally speaking, gaming laptops are more costly than general models. If you’re going to buy a laptop to play sophisticated games on, you’ll need a significant budget. For the most technically capable ones, be prepared to pay quite a lot of money.

If you haven’t got a large budget to work with, you can still get an outstanding laptop. Consider purchasing a slightly cheaper model, or even think about acquiring a second-hand one. If you do this, make sure you’re getting it from a reputable source and that the laptop ticks all the boxes; there’s no point paying for one (even a used one) that doesn’t perform how you want it to.


Another key factor to consider – and perhaps the most important for many people – is the graphics. When gaming, you want the visuals and animations to be as immersive and realistic as possible. What you see on screen should be highly detailed and animated to a very high standard. In short, you want the game to look as good as it possibly can.

For gaming laptops, a graphics card is key. This is because you can’t play many advanced video games without one. As you would probably expect, there are many different graphics cards you can get. Some are more powerful than others, and the more powerful ones are the most expensive ones, of course.

Before purchasing a graphics card, you should think about what standard of performance you want. If it is a high-end gaming experience you want, you’ll want one of the most expensive graphics cards. On the other hand, if you still want high-quality graphics but don’t necessarily need the fastest frame rates and things like that, a cheaper card should suit you fine.

Screen Size

There isn’t much variation when it comes to laptop size. Most models have screens between 13 and 15 inches in diameter; some have slightly larger screens, others have slightly smaller ones. For gaming, you’ll obviously want a laptop whose screen is on the bigger side. However, the bigger it is, the heavier the laptop will be.

If you carry your laptop around with you a lot, you may wish to get one with a smaller screen. If that is not the case, go for one with a bigger screen; the extra weight shouldn’t bother you so much if you’re only carrying the laptop about once in a while.


A standard laptop keyboard will work for gaming, but if you’re keen on doing a lot of gaming, you’ll want to upgrade. Like any sort of physical equipment, keyboards can suffer from wear and tear, especially when they’re used frequently. The ones that are best suited for gaming are designed to withstand significant usage and come with a range of advanced features. Some of these include:

  • Anti-ghosting. This feature ensures that when you hit the same key repeatedly, each individual hit is registered.
  • N-key rollover. With this, all keys are treated individually, so if you’re hitting multiple ones at the same time, each one you hit will be registered no matter how many others you’re hitting.
  • Cheaper gaming laptops have basic keyboard lighting that comes in just one or two colours. The more expensive ones have the full spectrum of colours available, along with lots of customisation options.

Of course, you could purchase a laptop with a basic keyboard and buy a more advanced plug-in keyboard to use instead.

Battery Life

The last aspect we’ll look at is battery life. Unfortunately, for laptop users, battery life is a constant issue. The unfortunate truth is that even if your laptop is a top-of-the-range model specially designed for gaming, you’re not going to be able to play for long at all if it’s not connected to a power source.

It takes a lot of power to run games, especially advanced ones. In other words, they can drain a laptop’s battery quite quickly. Laptops are often advertised as having X number of hours of battery life; the truth is, you only get this much time if your laptop is doing the bare minimum. When gaming on a laptop with a full battery, it’s going to be an hour or two at the most before you’ll have to connect to a power source. There are ways to increase your battery life, but your battery will still run out of power fairly quickly if you’re gaming.


There’s a whole lot to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop. In this article, we’ve covered some of the key things you should take into account, but we’ve only really just scratched the surface. Before purchasing a laptop to play games on, make sure you do plenty of research so that you get the best laptop for you. If you’re buying one that’s on the higher end of the pricing scale, make sure it’s worth the price before you make the purchase. If, on the other hand, you’re going for a somewhat cheaper model, make sure it’s good enough to give you the gaming experience you’re after.