How to Choose Between Mobile Gaming or PC Gaming

If you’re new to the video game scene, the first hurdle that you have to vault is determining which platform you’d like to experience these games on. While console options are always available to you, you might be someone who prefers the use of their PC, rendering those options obsolete. In this case, you only really have two devices to choose between.

Mobile gaming is a completely different box of frogs to PC gaming, with the games available on the platform being more limited and specific in scope due to the hardware limitations of the smartphone. This isn’t always the case, however, and at the end of the day it’s simply about finding the right solution for you and the platform with the kinds of games that you want to play.

Mobile Gaming

It’d be understandable if you’re put off by the potential work that goes into preparing your PC to adequately support the games you want to play. After all, you have a device in your pocket that’s ready to go and play whatever you can find. The question becomes, which of these games is the one you really want to play? Well, you have the full pick of whichever app store game you find yourself using, and beyond that you can also play online blackjack for money, if you feel as though that is something that you’d enjoy. It’s certainly higher stakes. Beyond that, you might find that your options are not limited to strictly mobile-exclusive games, as ports of older games can often be found on mobile devices.

One of the advantages of mobile gaming is the ability to play these games anywhere that you see fit, leading you to a variety of opportunities to avoid boredom. Finding yourself on a long journey or in the midst of an arduous waiting period are ideal opportunities to pick up where you left off on whichever game you choose, and watch the minutes melt away.

PC Gaming

PC gaming is an altogether different beast, and something that’s much more in line with your traditional, console gaming experience than mobile gaming. If you decide to play games on your PC, then you’ll likely have access to as wide a library as possible, but as mentioned, optimising your PC to be able to efficiently play some of the more demanding titles could be expensive and difficult. This might not be the kind of thing that you’re after, however, and finding a PC capable of running titles that are more to your tastes shouldn’t be too difficult with the proper research.

Arguably the main advantage of PC gaming over mobile gaming, is the ability to play these higher end, story-driven titles. The two platforms offer such different experiences that they can have entirely different audiences, with people often considering them separate mediums. Fortunately, you might be able to sample both before you fully commit to an option, as simply owning a mobile device gives you room to explore mobile gaming. Meanwhile, if you have a laptop or PC already, you can likely find games that run on what you already have to give it a try.