How to Choose the Best Computer for Graphic Design

What should be the ideal computer for graphic design? Should you choose Mac or PS? Is it worth it to overpay? What additional equipment do you need for your goal? You’ll find answers to all these questions in this short but valuable article.

Hardware you need

Every computer, laptop, and even netbook has a graphical editor. All of them can work with images, but the question is how well they can do it?

If you decide to become a graphic designer, then you need to pay attention to some technical features. Theoretically, you can decide not to do that, but then you shouldn’t be angry and especially when your computer spends several minutes launching Adobe Photoshop.

So, there are some key points for choosing hardware:

  • Processor speed;
  • Memory;
  • Screen resolution;
  • Hard disk speed.

Pay attention to these points in order to choose a suitable computer.

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In the meantime, let’s delve into the criteria for choosing the perfect computer for your professional purposes.

Processor importance

The processor of your computer should be really powerful. Make sure that it runs at least 1Ghz.

But what does it mean? It means that your processor can make a billion calculations each second.

Thanks to this, you can use the programs that you need for graphic design, without any problems. Download won’t take much time. And programs will function perfectly.

Therefore, this indicator is very important for you. Pay attention to it in the list of characteristics.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. But it’s not the same as storage memory. Don’t be confused by that.

This is responsible for performing urgent tasks. In other words, it’s responsible for the simultaneous use of several programs. The larger the volume of this type of memory, the faster and easier it’ll be for you to perform simultaneous actions in different programs.

8Gb of RAM is good enough for good work, but if you can afford more memory, which naturally affects the price, then you should do it. 16 or 32Gb will create all the necessary conditions for you to do your work without thinking about anything else.

Good work on the computer is a process in which there are no problems distracting you from work.


Make sure the resolution of a monitor is 1280 x 800. Don’t even look at monitors with lower resolution. Your work process won’t be uncomfortable.

The monitor for graphic design should be great, because in this profession a lot depends on it, maybe even too much. Therefore, don’t save on it.

PC or Mac?

You can argue endlessly about it. Ultimately, it comes down to the preferences of each particular designer. Nevertheless, there are differences, but they aren’t critical.

The owners of Mac have already met with such a phenomenon as the retina. This is a screen resolution that is many times greater than the resolution of conventional screens. And for the designer, this can be extremely important. But this is a Mac phenomenon. Most computers run at a resolution lower than this. However, if you can afford it, then why not?

What to choose in the end?

Make choices based on the tasks you have to do. Choose affordably. Choose according to personal preference. You’ll find many graphic victories in this field, and the computer, in this case, is your weapon.

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