How to Choose the Right Programming Language for Your Desktop Applications

Planning to develop a desktop application is never easy, as there are many points to consider and obstacles to bypass. While many developers stick to what they know rather than what’s best for their applications, many others dip into different programming markets to learn a language that best suits the applications they’re building. Before you go ahead and plan your next application, consider the programming language that best suits the needs of the application to improve security and performance.

Security is Key

You could settle for one or all of the C programming languages to develop your applications if you want. After all, it’s one the most popular platforms when it comes to software design. However, sometimes you need to go further than just thinking about what’s going to make an application easier to code. Sometimes, you need to consider the security. While C is very secure (depending on the experience of the developer), there are other programming languages that are best suited to different security practices.

Size of the Project

If you’re only developing a small or less complex application, you might want to overlook C#/C++ simply because the languages do more than what’s needed. For example, if you’re just developing a simple calculator that doesn’t need much/if any security features, you could just settle for PHP or even Java if you wanted a desktop calculator. Consider how big the project will be and what libraries it needs to work, and then you’ll be able to better decide on a language that’s more suited to its needs.

Ease of Coding

We did state above that you need to consider the security and performance of an application before you look towards a language that’s easy to code. But, you’re not going to be able to secure applications and make them perform better if you’re not using a language that you know how to fully utilize. Try to find a language you’re comfortable using that could increase the speed of development but, at the same time, provide the security measures and performance your application needs.

Take a Course to Better Your Knowledge

If you don’t have an online masters in software development or an online MSSD degree – it could well be the time to get one. Even if you’re a self-taught excellent software developer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to learn the ropes the proper way. After all, it could broaden your horizons and make you a better developer overall. Obtaining a degree could also give you the opportunity to discover different languages that could better do the job you need it to.

Finding a programming language that you’re comfortable using is fairly easy, but finding one that’s got the right security and performance is much trickier. If you’re really unsure when it comes to picking a language for the right application, taking a course could better develop your skill set and improve your decision-making and planning to help build better desktop applications.

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