How to Connect a DisplayPort Device to A HDMI Monitor

Though it is very easy to connect a DisplayPort device to a HDMI portable monitor but before connecting them it is important for you to know a few things about DisplayPort devices and how they can be connected to a monitor with HDMI input.

What is a DisplayPort device?

DisplayPort is basically the latest digital connection that can be used to cover up the gap created by two digital devices, HDMI and DVI, which were used as digital connections until now. Possibly, DVI is not in use these days as it disappeared from the scenario as the technology used in it was not upgraded since long. The main reason behind this can be the non-existence of the group of its creators. HDMI, on the other hand, is not in use because it has been produced by a company, Silicon Image. So, you will have to pay a royalty to use this product as this platform cannot be used openly. So, DisplayPort came into existence to fill up the gap caused by the non-availability of HDMI and DVI digital connections.

Where you can find a DisplayPort connection?

You can find DisplayPort connection in most of the latest tablets and laptops. Some of the computers using the Mac operating system were exclusively provided with mini DisplayPort for a long time. However, now Microsoft has also introduced mini DisplayPort connection in its Surface Pro notebook for some time. So, now you can easily convert the output of a mini DisplayPort or a DisplayPort to the input of an HDMI monitor, whenever you face a problem while using a PC or Mac device.

Benefits of using DisplayPort connection

Most people were using VGA for watching analog videos since long but they cannot use it as VGA is fading out of this scenario. To fill up this gap, you will have to understand the chemistry of co-existence of DisplayPort and HDMI as now they have to work side-by-side. It is also important to understand how to connect them as you can find either HDMI or DisplayPort in the latest laptops and tablets available in the market. In this write-up you will know how to connect your device to the input of portable monitor of HDMI if your device has a mini DisplayPort or a DisplayPort.

Connecting DisplayPort to a HDMI monitor

Before connecting the DisplayPort of your device to the HDMI monitor you must have a DisplayPort 1.4 cable or a passive adaptor to convert signal as HDMI uses the transfer system of TMDS and DisplayPort uses the system of LVDS. In this way, there is a compatibility issue between HDMI and the signals of DisplayPort.

When a passive adapter or DisplayPort 1.4 cable is used to connect DisplayPort and HDMI portable monitor then the output of your DisplayPort can be able to identify and adjust the signals transferred to HDMI, if your DisplayPort is a dual mode DisplayPort. So, it is beneficial to buy a passive adapter cable for connecting DisplayPort with a HDMI monitor as it works efficiently. But if it does not work sometimes then you can use a converter or an active adapter. You should use an active converter or adapter if the graphics of your DisplayPort has only single mode.

How to know single or dual mode of your DisplayPort?

You can recognize single or dual mode of your DisplayPort just by finding a mark near the port. You will find DisplayPort++ or DP++ near the port of your laptop or tablet if it has a DisplayPort with dual mode. But if it has a single mode DisplayPort then it will be marked with DP+ or DisplayPort+ only.

In this way, you can connect DisplayPort of your laptop or tablet with the input of HDMI portable monitor by using a passive adapter or DisplayPort 1.4 cable if it has a dual mode DisplayPort. But if it has a single mode DisplayPort then you will have to use a converter or an active adapter. In order to play safe, you should by an active adapter to connect the DisplayPort of your device to the HDMI monitor. An active adapter can be used with the devices with both types of DisplayPort modes, whether it has single mode DisplayPort or dual mode DisplayPort.

However, if you want to know more in this regard then you can search online anytime.

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