How To Create The Perfect Home Office Set-Up For Work & Play

When setting up the spaces within your home, the parts that you use for productivity and for leisure are perhaps the most important of the bunch. Nobody likes finding themselves stuck and unable to enter a flow state whilst trying to get important work done. Likewise, if you can’t relax and truly enjoy the moments of fun, then it can begin to feel like you didn’t have that time at all.

With limited room around the house, for many, the home office is a versatile space that is used for work and play both. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get your home office in shape to get the absolute most out of both.

Keep everything organised

The last thing you want is to be trying to pull out your gaming mouse and instead be grabbing a handful of ink cartridges. Keeping everything organised, within designated drawers or shelves that are separated effectively between work and play will help you to keep in the correct lane during the times for each. Ensure that you are keeping any console or PC in a place with plenty of airflow, too – a common mistake is stuffing these computers inside confined cabinets where they become prone to overheating.

More monitors means more everything

Having two (or even more!) monitors is one of the best things you can do to enhance your setup wholesale. Whether it’s being able to keep your research and word processor both in sight, or having a strategy guide pulled up whilst deep into your gaming session, there is never a scenario where more monitors won’t enhance your experience. Consider portable or moveable monitors so that they may be easily packed away should you require additional desk space.

Different tools for different tasks

If you’re running a gaming PC setup, consider having a separate set of peripherals for when you’re gaming and when you’re using your home office for work. Though it may seem like a luxury, having a separate set of keyboard and mouse can be a simple tool to help you enter each headspace even whilst remaining at the same location. There are also subtle but important differences between keyboards that are designed for gaming and those that are designed for productivity – the same applies to computer mice. Perhaps you would like a quick response time from your keys while gaming but would like an ergonomic layout for those long typing sessions.

Don’t take bad posture sitting down

When it comes to the debate between office chairs and gaming chairs, the fact is that there is one clear winner. Unlike with other peripherals, most people will be getting by fine with one chair for all purposes. A functional and ergonomic office chair will always be a better bet, with gaming chairs often seeing an inflation in price due to branding and marketing. You may also consider a standing desk, allowing you to have the versatility of not being locked into the seated position at all times.

Location, location, location!

Where you set up your home office and what’s nearby is incredibly important. Consider the amount of sun you will be getting, the level of noise, and how accessible other important areas of the house are to you. Is it vitally important to you to remain within earshot of the Zoom meeting or Discord call whilst you head into the kitchen to make a quick sandwich? Being in a room with additional space can also be helpful instead of a smaller one – as time wears on, the additional space can help greatly in not making you feel like you’re all cooped up.


It is important to make this space one where you are comfortable and can remain so for an extended period. Consider how you would like to personalise your home office to make it your own. Importantly, how will you make your home office a place that you want to be? For example, you might like a humidifier to keep you from drying out, some indoor plants, or framed pictures of important people. Whatever it is, it’s important to make sure that your home office is truly your own.

Keep it simple

While this tip may seem like it directly contradicts the one prior, that is not necessarily true. It is important to reduce clutter that you genuinely feel like doesn’t enhance your space. Choosing what not to bring can be just as important as what you do choose to bring. Ensure that you consistently stow away items that you use less often immediatley after using them. Having everything out at once can be a quick path to having your space feel overwhelming. Any decoration that brings more clutter than joy to your space should not remain.

There you have it, some quick tips to get your home office space into shape and have it ready to deliver its absolute best, whatever the scenario. If you have a space that hasn’t been designed with a mind towards taking full advantage of both work and play, then it can easily end up making an ineffective tool for either, becoming more hindering than versatile. Yet when you have a setup that can swiftly transition between each purpose, there is no reason to want separate spaces. So, set yourself up now with a superior home office that is ready to service all your needs.