How to design a website that consumers will love

Designing a website that consumers will love can be a little difficult. Knowing what consumers want is often hard, especially if you’re just setting up your business. However, you can find some tips below that can make the design process a little easier.

Create a website that is a pleasure to use

Any website that you create needs to be a pleasure to use. Consumers should not have to click more than three times to reach their chosen product or service. Think about all those great websites out there. Most of the best new online casinos Canada has are a pleasure to use. They are designed in such a way that they offer peak enjoyment and encourage consumers to visit time and time again. This is what your new website needs to do.

Understand who your consumers are

Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, design a website that’s ideal for your consumers. As soon as you know who your target demographic is, you can begin appealing to them. You can design your website using a color scheme and images that work. You can even create polls on social media that ask prospective consumers what they want.

When you understand who your consumers are, you are more likely to design a website that they love. In addition to this, your website is much more likely to be successful.

Use visual branding to your advantage

When choosing colors, pick the color palette first. Keep your ideal consumer in mind when you’re doing this. Use tones and shades that potentially appeal to their interests and their personality.

When you’re choosing a font, try not to automatically choose the font that you like the most. Look for a clean and simple font that your demographic will like. The font should not make the words hard to read, however, it should speak to your demographic and give the impression that you’re an authority on the subject. Unless your website is appealing to young children, leave comical fonts behind.

Finally, consider placing a photograph of yourself on your website. Add it to your “About Us” page. Websites that show the faces behind the brand are deemed more trustworthy. Try to avoid using stock photos if you can as most people can tell when they are used. Use a photograph of you and your team so your website is more personable.

Encourage further connections

Did you know that the average consumer will interact with your website approximately seven times before they buy anything? When you give potential consumers the chance to hear from you again, they’re likely to purchase something sooner.

To encourage consumers to buy your products, you could:

  • Create social media accounts – They can encourage further interaction and show behind-the-scenes photos of your business
  • Have an email subscription form – Consumers can sign up for updates about your latest products or contests
  • Create a blog and share it on social media – Let your blogs show your consumers that you’re an authority on the subject in question

Have a website that loads quickly

If you have ever visited a website that is slow to load, you’ll know how frustrating it is. Almost half of your website’s visitors will expect your site to have completely loaded in no more than two seconds. Any longer, and they may give up and go elsewhere.

Check the speed of your server and do what it takes to get your website loading quickly. Be prepared to hire someone to improve your website’s speed if you need to.

Offer a live chat feature

Most people love a live chat feature. This feature allows consumers to ask for help without having to call a number. It’s also a convenient way for you to keep in touch with consumers and let them know you care. Your consumers will be happier if they can ask for help at a touch of a button. Make use of this handy feature.

Make it mobile-friendly

These days, many people access the internet via their phones. A website that is easy to navigate via a phone is likely to be visited more often than one that isn’t. Optimizing your website for phones can encourage more sales. It also shows potential consumers that you’ve put in the effort to make your site user-friendly. This will be appreciated.

Use the above tips to help design a website that consumers will love. With a bit of effort, you too could have a site that’s easy to use and leaves a positive impression.