How to develop an app like Snapchat or even better?

We all remember the time when Snapchat was at the peak of its popularity. It was a mobile app with the ability to record videos, take pictures of yourself with funny dog ears live. And, you could chat with your subscribers there. But, it is as popular today as it was a couple of years before. There are 319 million daily active users worldwide committed to photo and video sharing. Sounds amazing!

If you are a young business that wants to compete with Snapchat’s popularity on the market – 72 out of 100, then you should design an app alike or even better. Do you know how to develop an app like Snapchat? What are the odds, the costs, the timeframes, and everything else? Inoxoft provides all the explanations for you further.

Snapchat phenomenon

Snapchat became popular among teenagers as soon as it was introduced. It allows messaging, video and audio calling, using cute animal filters, and so on. Now, it also has the option to send money to your relatives or friends. However, the greatest popularity Snapchat achieved was when musicians, top models, young celebrities, and actors all around the world started using it. They didn’t do anything new – just posted stories and cute selfies. And, of course, chatted with their subscribers. Sometimes, made live interactions using different lenses. So, lots of new users came to Snapchat. Everybody wanted to try that cute kitten’s ears, noses, and whiskers on them, to blow a kiss with a virtually appearing heart afterward. These advancements in tech possibilities amazed crowds. And they still do.

Technologies to consider in 2022

●     Machine learning

Using ML modeling it is possible to train a model and design a learning algorithm that will analyze user behavior, offer recommendations based on user preferences and give out exciting content. In apps like Snapchat ML is a key for it can learn from user behavior and create valuable suggestions of people to follow, videos to watch, and photos to see.

●     Augmented reality

With AR it is possible to create videos and photos intertwined with virtual elements in real life. I.e. make a photo of yourself with dog ears and noses, colored hair, use different settings, etc. AR is a computer vision technology designed for visual content. It is quite engaging.

●     Face detection

One of the most innovative technologies of today. It works by scanning your face when the user points it to the phone camera. This helps the phone capture an image that is dynamic (animated) or static (a selfie).

●     Geolocation

Geolocation is used in most modern apps these days. But, mostly, the ones that offer delivery services. In Snapchat, geolocation allows seeing the current location of your computer, tablet, or phone.

Features used in Snapchat

●     Snaps

Snaps are photos and videos that are made with special filters, graphics, and text captions. These are named “snaps” due to the overall name of Snapchat.

●     Lenses

Different lenses allow you to put a real-time effect on a photo of you or a video. This feature works closely with recognition technology. Lenses are being given daily. Usually, there are seven of them. To activate at least one, click on it and then take or upload the existing picture.

●     Snapcash

Snapchat allows financial operations. Now it is a partner of a mobile payments company. Here, you can send money to your friends or relatives via an app. Of course, you have to have a debit card for that purpose.

●     Messaging

Besides great and engaging snaps, you can also text each other using the app’s messenger. However, after your message has been sent and read by the other party it disappears. This makes your chat sort of a secret chat.

●     Calls

To go further, Snapchat also allows making virtual calls – both audio and video ones. And, for its daily users, it is a great way not to change the app for the other one. What’s more, in video calls you can still use lenses.

●     Stories

Stories are a popular feature on Instagram. But Snapchat decided that its app has to offer users the same. So, it is allowed to post a snap and it will last for 24 hours before disappearing. All your followers will be able to see your cute snaps.

●     Database

Having a database for an app like Snapchat is a must. With all the possibilities, Snapchat includes and produces huge amounts of data daily. So, it is vital to handle this information and to keep it all in one place. Promoting flexible performance, software engineers can use NoSQL and SQL databases. It depends on the tech stack they are using.

●     Programming language

JavaScript is a front-end most famous programming language with a grand pool of potential. Filter apps need JS and Bootstrap in their front-end development. However, when thinking about the server-side, developers might use PHP and Python as the backend languages here.

What do you need to succeed?

As Snapchat has already been introduced into this world, you need to figure out something better. For instance, Inoxoft recommends finding one of the most innovative solutions by asking your target audience about what would they like to see in an app. Also, research your competitors to find out which features skyrocket for users. Don’t neglect to analyze the market trends, users, and competitors as making an app only you think would be popular, can lead to a failure.


On asking how to develop an app like Snapchat, you should know what’s Snapchat made of and how it works. Users find it a relatively easy app to navigate and an entertaining one. Get to know all the technologies, features, tech stack you can use as well as what would your audience want to see in an app. To make something innovative it is essential to make solid research first. Only then you will have a chance to promote your product. Besides, Snapchat already exists. So, a lot of brainstorming has to be made to make an app with the same market demand and newer possibilities.