How to Get Lucky in the Casino Game – 5 Ways to Influence Fortune

Luck in the Casino games is not just a coincidence. To be lucky, you need to be prepared to take advantage of it. So, how to prepare?

  1. Know the rules of the game

Essential is that you tell yourself well about the rules of the casino game you are playing. It does not matter if you’re playing at the black jack table or the – on line casino Canada. Anyone who does not know the rules right hesitates as the opportunity passes in front of them.

  1. Develop a strategy

Playing like that without strategy is a perfect recipe for attracting bad luck. You have to know well what your target in the game is and how you are going to try to get there. Luck benefits people who play online slots with a plan.

  1. Be consistent

It’s no use having a strategy and being strategy-changing all the time. Do not let the insecurity catch you. Changing your strategy all the time is the same as having no strategy at all.

  1. Avoid drugs

Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs influence your game. Your reflexes slow down, you do not see the same way, you can not think more clearly, it’s bad luck guaranteed!

  1. Rituals

Certain rituals can leave you in a favorable state of mind for you to enjoy your luck. For some people it is a prayer, for others sympathy or a bath flame-luck. No matter what it is, what matters is that it works for you.

Bath to attract luck and fortune

On a crescent moon night, place in a bowl of water: A pyrite, 7 golden coins, 7 tablespoons of coarse salt, 7 almonds and a star anise. Let the vessel rest for one night preferably where it can receive moonlight. The next morning, after bathing, throw this water all over your body and do not wipe yourself.

Prayer for luck in the game

Make a red sachet and put a dice, three laurel leaves, and a Bible page with the following verse: “Luck is cast into the lap, but the decision is from the Lord” (Proverbs 16:33). Close the bag by sewing it with red thread. Carry it with you.

Sympathy for luck in betting

Write your full name on white paper. Grease it, the card from a deck, a dice and a real coin with pure olive oil. Bury them in a pot that has the money, also called penny-pin. Take good care of this plant. As long as the plant grows, your luck will also grow!

Did you learn the rules of the game? Have you developed a strategy? Did you do your ritual for luck? Now, just play! Not let everything depend on luck.

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