How to Hire A Team of Developers

There will be times when you need to hire a team of developers for your next project or current project.  The thing about hiring professionals for software development should not be limited only in your area. Well, if you focus your search only in your area, there is not much you can get from it.

If you are open to look for talents across the globe, you will have the opportunity to get more access to the greater talents pools from the UK, Europe, US, and the rest of the world.

Some suggest you to consult a recruiter to help you hire a team of developers. But did you know that you can save more bucks to do it yourself? Here are the things you can do to build the developers team on your own.

Determine your clear requirements

What do you require for your next project? You will need to be very specific with what you want from your developers. Your project requirements will have things to do with the technologies you want to use for the project.

Whether you are building an e-commerce store, mobile app, web app, desktop app, or the combination of them, there will be different plans to do. Here is where you need to communicate your needs and requirements with your candidates.  Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and willingness with ERBIS software company. They will do their best to fulfill your requirements.

Do your homework

It is a great idea to have a list of multiple options first before picking a specific provider. The popular companies you found on your favorite search engine does not guarantee that they can give you a better solution. You will want to check their background first. If you get lucky, you can meet up with their representatives to see their work ethic and assess their interpersonal skills directly.

You can also look at their past works or portfolio to give you insights about the project results that you will expect from them.

The location of your developers

While some businesses stick to the developers within the same areas, you don’t have to do that. When you focus on the providers in your location, it might put you away from the opportunities to get more talented guys on your side.

It is a great idea to hire an offshore team like ERBIS although you are living in another country. This will give you tons of benefits. Not only that the operational costs can be lower, it will also ease you in taxation.

Start from your social circle

Take a look at what your network can offer. There’s a chance that you already know some people who are working in the particular industry. Who knows, they can give you good references. It is always a great idea to build a dedicated team consisting of people whom you know.

Attend gathering events

There might be some exhibitions or events in your area or other city. If you have the chance to attend it, then go for it. These events are full of talented people that you can meet. ERBIS software engineering company representatives could be attending such tech events. You could reach them in person rather than going to their headquarters.

The tech events will also allow you to meet with multiple talents at the same time. Use this moment to extend your professional network to be better. If you don’t need their expertise right away, you can reserve the connections for the future. It is a win-win.

Freelance marketplace

There are a lot of hiring platforms that you can join to find your best developers. If you are cool with remote professionals, then you could go to the top freelance marketplace.

There are some names that I’;d like to recommend to you but the choice is still yours: Upwork, Freelancer, TopTal, YouTeam, PeoplePerHour, etc.

Keep in mind that seeking your talents there might require more time and effort.

You can save more time by reaching out to ERBIS to help you hire a team of developers. They offer you to hire a great team of developers from the expertise of providers.

ERBIS is one call away to help you get the best developers team you need. This solution can help you to avoid some pitfalls that can occur when hiring some developers remotely.

It only takes some hours to source the list of developers candidates for you. The great thing here is that you can see the quotes from ERBIS for free. You don’t need to do the training, interviews, HR stuff, and other complicated things. All in all, you will have the developers ready for you with the help of the trustworthy software company.

Other places to seek your talents

If you have ever heard about GitHub, then you are on the right track. This platform offers you a great place to get in touch with amazing talented developers.

There is also open source software and solutions that are contributed by the members there. You can see their portfolio.  You need to join the site in order to access the feature and find your talent. The best thing here is that you can filter it by language, location, as well as social signals like the number of followers. Check on your talents’ projects and assess them right away. In that kind of platform, it is also possible to find the group of developers instead of individuals. It can also be a great idea if you are looking for a group.

The other places to check are the blogs or websites which focus on the software development niches. You can simply use your favorite search engine and type the particular keywords to find out your candidates. In these blogs or websites, there will be ways to contact the person.

You can also find talented developers undergraduate. For instance, you could get in touch with some tech universities across the globe. Find them on their social media, official university site, forums, and other internet mediums.

Be aligned with your budget

There is no point to pick the professionals that you cannot afford to pay. The hourly rates can be a determining factor to decide the hiring.

If you want to hire a team of developers that come with sensible prices, reach out ERBIS software company now. They will gladly help you with the friendly rates.