How to Know If Your Email Has Been Opened

In the digital landscape of the 21st century, information is the most powerful asset for individuals and businesses alike. By harnessing information and analyzing it, one can arrive at certain insights that will help them improve their business strategy. Email tracking is an example of a “sales acceleration software”, which will be able to improve the overall sales volume and visibility of your business. Although it is inconspicuous and underrated, email tracking is one of the most innovative and helpful ways in which businesses can follow up on their clients and prospective customers. It can allow you to gain proper insight into how your emails are being used, received and responded to.

If you are not familiar with email tracking systems, then you might be wondering how to track emails in Gmail or other email hosts. Email tracking systems like Mailtrack can be used with all existing systems, and the technology involved is exceedingly simple and elegant. Email tracking software attaches an invisible pixel image to your outgoing emails, which uses cookies to note exactly when the email was opened by the recipient. These cookies and tracking systems are evolving, and they can collect other information too.

Sending an email with a tracker is very simple. Now, you should take a look at how you can apply Gmail email tracking to your business in a responsible manner.

  1. Establish Guidelines For Responsible Email Tracking

The objective of email tracking software is to improve the overall experience of the customer and bring in more sales for your business. However, it is very important to use this tool in a responsible manner so that you do not infringe on your client’s privacy. To do this, you will need to establish clear guidelines for the use of email tracking software in your business. For example, you should disclose to your email recipients that you employ email tracking methods. The responsible and ethical thing to do is to give your recipients a chance to opt out of whatever you are offering.

  1. Install an Email Tracking App

Nowadays, you can get good email tracking apps anywhere on the internet. Some of them are even available in the form of Google Chrome extensions, so you do not even need to download and install them separately. Using a software like Mailtrack will allow you to keep track of all the emails that you send to your clients, by receiving notifications in real time. For example, the concept used by Mailtrack is very similar to the “read receipts” that are available on online chatting apps.

  1. Compose an Email perfectly

If your business makes use of email marketing, then you must know how important it is to type out the perfect email body. Depending on the reason behind the email, you can curate and customize the mail body accordingly. Email tracking is especially useful for businesses who conduct their business online – such as e-commerce websites. After using email to inform your customers about new arrivals, discounts, deals, etc., you can use email tracking to gain insight into how they were received.

  1. Track Your Email

After you have sent your emails, all you need to do is monitor its progress. It will allow you to glean valuable insight about the typical behavior of your email recipients and customers. You can then utilize this information to create targeted marketing strategies, which will prove to be extremely effective.

This is the basic process that one has to follow to start tracking emails on Gmail or any other email client. All you need to do is install the best email tracking software, set guidelines and then start firing your emails right away.