How To Learn Best Way Of Operating Keyboard And Mouse?

Let’s learn something innovative with a brief note on how to learn the best way of operating a keyboard and mouse. Yes, this is one of the trending topics for tech era geeks. So, with this valuable content, we will explain it to you in a fun and easy way. Today all tech geeks want to be quick on their work. Everyone to utilize their time in a great way so they can complete their task in less time as possible. Especially this thing is more valuable for gamers. Yes, because gamers are the guys who always want quick controls on that. Because if they are able to control it fast then the winning chance of their game will be increased. So now let’s go to the point and see how this is possible.

The term CPS Test is most popular among today’s era tech geeks. So, if you are not one of them and want to understand What is the term CPS and how they help you then let’s learn it by simple discussion. You can also search about it over the WWW with Click Per Second term because it is the full name word CPS. Generally, CPS is one type of digital counter that works on the method of user click counting. This virtual click counter works based on the below mentioned simple method.

The Result Of CPS Counter = Total Mouse Clicks / Time Taken By User For Total Clicks

Thus, this simple procedure result will show and realize you how fast you can click the computer mouse. If you got below average result then you must need to keep practicing on this portal to be a smart computer operator.

Where This Thing Happens First?

This thing is firstly given on the official website of one of the popular games namely Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft official authorities present this simple activity on their website for their daily users with the purpose of getting a grip on their gameplay. But at the moment this fun and learn type game is not available there. But not to worry if you want to grab this thing today. Because CPS Test official portal still gives you such thing in one of the easiest ways. So, let’s enjoy this funniest way of learning keyboard and mouse operating with this free resource.

Why And How CPS Becomes The Addiction For New Computer Geeks

Once newbie computer geeks try this fun tool, they become addicted guy of it. Because this is one of the smartest ways of learning the operating of both peripheral devices namely keyboard and mouse. Also, the variation in learning this technical thing always wins the heart of their user. This variation is mostly searched with the term Jitter Click Test, Kohi Click Test, Scroll Test, Mouse Test, Click Speed Test, etc.


Today if you catch the moral of the article then one day you will become the most robust operator of computer peripheral devices. So that was the simplest way that today here we had come to share with you. Hope one day you will become the best computer geek and operate it in the quickest and smoothest way. Wish you good luck for more happy learning and enjoy! Check here how to use or start