How to Make a Slot Game – Detailed Tutorial

Would you like to create a slot that you can play on your Android smartphone or tablet? Creating a slot may not be as easy as playing one, but it is not that difficult either. Let us focus on creating a simple classic slot.

Classic slots have three reels, one payline, and limited bonus features, which makes them very popular among beginners. I will show you how to create a simple classic slot with one payline and three reels loaded with symbols of cherries, plums, lemons, bells, bars, and sevens.

Step #1: Write the layout code.

The first step is to write the code for the layout of the game. We want to develop a slot with three reels, three symbols on each reel, a “Start” button, and a text view to display the message, “You have won the jackpot!”

Step #2: Create the logic.

Create the logic to be implemented in the wheel object. The reels get animated when the wheel class extends the thread from the SDK of your Android device. This enables each wheel to be animated in its dedicated thread.

Define a WheelListener interface to notify main activities whenever an icon changes for a wheel. Define images that the wheel displays in static img arrays.

Step #3: Set each wheel to start at randomly selected moments.

Use the following properties to incorporate randomness:

CurrentIndex Property: This lets us know what icons a wheel is displaying at the moment.

FrameDuration Property: We can use this to define the frame duration for a wheel. This is the time frame during which the wheel retains the same image.

StartIn Property: This enables us to start the wheel after a delay as the constructor defines.

We have to then enter a loop that will remain active till the IsStarted property is declared false. We can then change the current image at the end of the pre-determined time frame. When all the icons have been displayed, we can re-start with the first icon in the array.

When the wheel displays a new icon, we call the NewImage method to notify the WheelListener object that has subscribed to the wheel.

Step #4: Write the Java code for the main activity

To do so, we have to declare three wheel objects—one object for each reel of our Android slot. We, therefore, have to create a static RandomLong method capable of returning a random long value between the upper and lower values in the parameters.

We use the OnCreate Method to establish an OnClickListener object on the slot’s spin button. We then check the slot’s status, which is stored in the IsStarted Boolean property.

If the slot is spinning, we can use the StopWheel method to stop all the three wheels. Then we have to check the combination of icons displayed on the reels so that we can display a message to the player. If a jackpot-winning combination is created, we can display the message, “You have won the jackpot!”

When the slot is at rest, we create three wheels. We also define a WheelListener interface for each wheel to update the displayed image when the NextImg method is called. Since each wheel has a dedicated thread, we have to define that the user interface updates are made inside the UI Thread.

Also, we use the RandomLong method to set the wheels spinning at random moments.

Step #5: Run the app and enjoy your slot

It is now time to enjoy your new slot on your Android smartphone or tablet. Run the app on your device. If your screen displays a single line with three bar symbols with the message, “You have won the jackpot!” at the bottom, you have been successful in creating your Android slot.

Great platform for simple slots

Your new Android classic slot is governed by standard slots rules. Of course, you won’t win any real money by playing it. So you don’t have to place any bets. Click on “Start” to set the three reels spinning.

If three icons of the same kind appear on your screen at the end of one spin, you will win the prize. If this does not happen, you can play the game again. Keep spinning the reels until you create a winning combination and become eligible for the jackpot.

I’ve taken you this far, now it’s your turn to create something special like Thundering Buffalo.

Playing slots is fun only when you wager real money on them. To play slots for real money, you have to create an account at an online casino. Research the online casino well and make sure that it operates on a valid license before signing up.

We recommend playing a few games for free to get a feel of the online casino before spending real money. The best online casinos not only offer slots from reputed providers but also pamper their customers with bonus offers and loyalty rewards.