How to manipulate video game player’s engagement – new research

Three professors from different universities conducted scientific research about video game player’s commitment. Research shows how to manage the engagement and how to enhance the player’s mood. Also, official documents show the way for video game production teams on how to get more revenue.

Video game creators can control the behavior of players

Researchers studied data from different gaming companies. Yan Huang (Carnegie Mellon University) said that they had studied more than 1,300 video game players data and history. It took 29 months to conduct research, and the results were fantastic.

How to make more revenue from different Advert systems

Yan Huang says that data shows how much money gamers pay on different advert systems. If we take a look at the games that have in-game purchase features, many rounds are needed. The more rounds gamers play, they are likely to spend more money on in-game purchases.

If a gaming company has implemented in-game display ads, then they need a better view of Ads. Video game player has to see display ads with better quality. Better click-through rate needs high visibility and extended time in rounds.

When a gaming company has not implemented either of those options mentioned above, then they need to be careful. Those types of companies needs to create “premium” or “next” versions of games. Engaged players need premium version as it’s more likely to upgrade to the next level if they don’t see ads.

Different levels of engagement

According to research, gamers have different motivators and engagement enhancing options. There is a various level of engagement for each game. Low, medium, and high engagement players react differently to each type of adverts. For example, some players need more challenge and motivation. Challenges impact on low level engaged players a lot but could be a problem for high-level, committed players. Researchers offer different options – such as a map, surprises, and modes. It could lead to higher engagement not only from gamers but also increase in ad revenue. With surprises and better patterns, video game players become more attracted and familiar with the game. Attraction leads to better ad revenue.

What about free games?

Free games could be another option for game developers to attract attention. From last week, Epic Games store is offering free games, and you can download them right now. Just like online casinos, free options could be attractive. Also, game developers can replicate approach of online casinos. Australia online casino pays more attention to the psychological patterns and it’s a game changing. The gaming industry can take an in-depth look at those approaches and implement various options for better engagement.

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