How to Modify you Mac Device for Smooth Gaming

Apple devices are known for their efficient performance and smooth gaming. Macs are excellent gaming devices but you need to optimize them to get a sterling gaming experience. Earlier, there used to be only a few games for this platform but courtesy Napoleon games, Humble Bundles and other online casino developers who showed their interest and developed games for Mac.

Here are few tips to experience speedy casino gaming

Clean up desktop clutter:  This is the best way to keep your device fast enough to play high definition games. you should disable hogging apps and uninstall apps which are not in use because these are using a lot of RAM space while you are playing and can spoil your gaming experience. Besides this, you can use various tools like Oynx and Iboostup to clean up some space on your computer. After doing this you will see the difference in your gaming and online casino experience.

Disable unused OS X features:  You can disable the features you never used like dashboard and notification bar. The OS X is always running in the background unnecessarily using the RAM space. After disabling, you can find that your games will run a bit smoother.

Make sure HD has some free space: Never fill your hard disk up to the max with your personal photos and other stuff. Always keep 10 to 15% space free so that your hard disk can breathe. Regularly move heavy files to external storage devices and delete unwanted files and applications.

Customize your RAM: If you play regular games on online gaming hubs like Zapak, Miniclips and casino games online like Red spins online casino, then max 4 GB RAM is sufficient. As casino games won’t consume a large space in your device. But if you want to play heavy games, then you should consult nearby Apple store and upgrade your RAM to 8GB or 16GB.

Uninstall RAM sucking Plugins:  When it comes to playing games on your web browser, the java enabled plug-ins occupies a lot of space. Before playing online casino games, you should uninstall these java and heavy plugins from your safari. You can also use ClicktoFlash on your web browser to stop these plugins from loading.

Adjust in-game setting:  Before you start playing a new game, you should check in-game settings to enhance your gaming:

  1. Try both full-screen mode and windowed mode and see which works better.
  2. Screen resolution of the game has a great impact on your gaming, adjust resolutions as you need and see in which you experience the best.
  3. Every game has high, medium and low options for overall settings, you can toggle between these three.
  4. By lowering texture and shadow quality, you can play all offline and online casino games smoothly.


Switch to the window: Yes, you can switch entirely to windows or use dual-boot to use both OS X and windows. If you install windows on your Mac, you will get a broad variety of games available. Mac is a perfect gaming machine with windows and you can play any online casino, multiplayer, power game, or an AAA rated game.

As Mac is not designed only for gaming, but by a little optimization it works as a perfect gaming platform. These suggestions might make Mac your perfect gaming partner. So, visit any popular casino like Red spins online casino and get set to play.

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