How to play retro games online

Mario Games have been in existence almost as early as when the computers where invented. For years, these games have been a favorite pass time for people throughout the world. The first Mario game was known as Jumpmen before it was later changed into what we know today as Mario games. The Game has grown in leaps and bounds to become an renowned series of games that is unparalleled by other games in the same category. Since 1981 when you needed to head to the slot machine to play, now people can conveniently play retro games at the comfort of their homes, while on a work break or whenever one has some spare time.

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So how exactly can you play retro games online?

With people now able to access internet in even the most remote places, the number of people looking to play Mario games online has increased. Now two people from opposite corners of the world can play Mario games and compete to see who wins. One of the many ways you can access Mario games online is through your phone, Personal computer, tablet or other electronic device that has a screen and is internet enabled. All you need to do is

. Head on over to your browser icon and double click to open
. On the search bar type
. Click or select one of the many retro games that will appear on your screen
. Go ahead and enjoy yourself playing as many games as you want

With most Mario games available on Nintendo alone, one was only limited to playing specific Mario games on their computers, now all the games have transitioned and are available to play online. No need to take time downloading the free games or installing the games. Simply log on to the site as mentioned above and press play. On condition that you have installed adobe flash player application on your computer, you shouldn’t encounter any hitches. If you do not have the Adobe Flash Player, do not worry, most browsers have the application already included in their browser package.

The History behind Mario games.

A Plumber by the name Mario worked in America is the brains behind the captivating Mario games. The game is set on a mushroom kingdom background.

From just one game there’s now a series or Mario games totaling 200. It has grown in popularity to grab the attention of millions of people drawn from different parts of the world. Even for someone who doesn’t know how to play the game, they have at least heard about Mario or retro games. In addition, they can easily recognize the characters. Many cartoons and movies have since been developed to emulate the characters in this games.

There are numerous sites online where you can play retro games. But if you want to play Mario games, on a site that takes a very short time to load, is error-free, and has a wide variety, then log on to Here you will find different games such as;

legendary Zelda –

retro 2

or Contra –

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In various instances, you have the option of playing the endless Mario game where you have new worlds popping up at each stage. In addition, you can play as your favorite character with unique powers to help you thrive in the mushroom kingdom. If you are not afraid of challenges and have an inquisitive mind, then you will certainly have a blast playing the games on our site.

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