How to spy on boyfriend without him knowing with cocospy

Technology seems to be changing faster than what was anticipated at first. Through it, people are now able to conceal their intentions, making others believe them even when they should not. And this typically applies to the dating world, where young men are using technology to hide many things from their girlfriends.

But we can use the same technology to know exactly what these people are up to. As a loyal girlfriend, you can use cocospy to spy on boyfriend without him knowing a thing. And this will prove fundamental to you as it can help you save yourself from the agony of broken relationship or wasted time by someone who has got no intentions to take you anywhere.

As the best Android and iPhone tracker, cocospy comes with advanced spy features that can help any serious lady uncover the secrets that her lover might be having and thus be able to only stick to serious relationships. But how can one use this app?

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How to use cocospy to uncover the secrets of your boyfriend

You no longer have to worry yourself with the many and complicated passwords that your boyfriend has on his phone. The need to master the security patterns and passwords has been solved by the unique features that come with cocospy, which enables an individual to monitor any device from anywhere and track his spouse’s phone without having to physically access it. This monitoring app spies on a target device by simply monitoring the iCloud remotely, and thus you will not have to go through the trouble of looking for his phone, and then having to figure out the passwords just to access the messages and call logs.

What do I need to spy my boyfriend without him knowing?

Yes, many keep wondering how possible it is to spy on their spouses without making them suspicious. Cocospy is a perfect app, and it provides solutions to many people’s infidelity issues. But before you start monitoring your boyfriend, you first need to have the Apple ID login details of your boyfriend’s phone.

But at the same time, you don’t need to install the software on your boyfriend’s phone. With cocospy, you can easily track him without touching his phone whatsoever. All you need to do is sign up for a free account on cocospy. As you register, you will be required to have a username and passwords.

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After signing up with a username and password, you will also need to have an iCloud account for the target device. It is these details that you will need to use to spy your boyfriend. Just input the target device’s iCloud credentials into the cocospy application. This is where all the information on your boyfriend’s device shall be stored, and thus easy for you to access and monitor it without making him aware of what you are doing.

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After putting the target device’s iCloud details on your phone, you can now log into your monitoring app and spy your boyfriend without any fears of getting caught.

What can I spy using cocospy?

This Android and iPhone monitoring app give you the power to know everything about your boyfriend. The application has the following features that make spying easy and seamless;

Call tracker

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With this feature, you will be able to monitor all incoming as well as outgoing calls on your boyfriend’s device. You will also be able to know exactly when the calls were made, the length of each call, the number of times the calls were made from each caller, and personal details of the caller such as the phone contacts.

Location tracker

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Gone are the days when boyfriends used to tell their girlfriends that they are in a pub, when they are actually in another woman’s apartment. With cocospy, you can pinpoint where you boyfriend is, through the applications location tracker feature. The location tracker utilizes GPS data as well as time stamps to accurately report where a device is at one given time.

Access to apps on the device

The application also gives you access to all the applications that have been installed on the device. Note that some boyfriends installs funny applications on their phones just to help then conceal their secrets. But with this app, any loyal girlfriend will know which app is used for what purpose on the boyfriend’s device.


There is no longer need for anyone to keep complaining about being wasted in a relationship that didn’t show signs of prosperity from the word go. Cocospy now gives everyone the power and ability not just to monitor but to also take control of how their relationships should be. You should thus sign up for this application and take charge of matters yourself.

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