How To Use Augmented Reality In Brand Strategy?

That is the main reason why augmented reality became one of the most trendy marketing strategies in the last couple of years. But what is AR, and why is it so popular? Read more in our article.

The world of digital marketing and advertising has come up with dozens of unique fresh ideas on how to impress customers and make new people and types of target audiences interested in different products appearing on the market. It becomes more challenging with years because consumers are very picky and hard to surprise nowadays.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing?

Augmented reality is a new way to provide people with a unique and unforgettable customer experience, as well as increase brand value and overall product reputation. It lets companies offer people new opportunities to explore, mix “real” and virtual interactive elements, and conquer new heights among B2C markets.

It often gets confused with virtual reality, but these two techniques are entirely different. AR technology may be used in various ways, for example, apps, opportunities to try stuff before buying, or interesting interactive video games.

AR is extremely helpful not only in advertising and marketing but also in selling purposes. Augmented reality experience lets customers interact with their products, make sure they would like to purchase them and see how it would look after ordering. E.g., try on new cloth on users’ photos, or place new furniture in the replica of their rooms. Possibilities are endless.

What Possibilities for Business Augmented Reality Marketing Provides?

As it was already mentioned, augmented reality is wildly used in both marketing strategy and sales strategy in various brands and companies. This method deserved its popularity due to the multiple benefits it brings those who use it:

  • It allows the audience to have better augmented reality experiences. Many apps are designed in a way app users may get more opportunities: try on the clothes without the need to go into the dressing room, fully furnish the living room without leaving the house, see the movie poster came to life in the form of a trailer, etc.;
  • It is easier to show people a new product instead of making them read long, boring descriptions. It saves people’s time, helps to see the most important news without losing interest, and increase the customer satisfaction level dramatically;
  • Any AR app is now available on every device and phone. There’s no need to go somewhere to get an AR experience, downloading the app or visiting a website will be enough.

As you may see, it worth including this special technique in your marketing tactics to become memorable and help people to have real fun while interacting with your products. And a successful experience in many industries is a great argument!

AR and Content Marketing

Augmented reality and marketing are now connected with one main goal – to fulfill all customers’ desires and make everything possible to become more memorable. Content marketing is not an exception.

Not only social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, may help to interact with people. Users can explore virtual opportunities with the help of printed versions of books, ads, a business card, etc. Favorite characters may come alive on the devices after scanning them from the book, a business card may include a QR-code that leads to useful information about the company, etc. Anything is possible with augmented reality solutions. Do not miss this opportunity!

Augmented Reality Apps

Customer experiences may be improved dramatically with the help of augmented reality marketing and the apps that every creative person needs. Some of them may show you the principle of AR, some may be an inspiration. Here they are:

  • Google Lens;
  • YouCam Makeup;
  • Houzz;
  • ROAR;
  • IKEA Place;
  • GIPHY World;
  • Amikasa.

Check those out and see the creations of many marketers. Maybe, it will inspire you to start your own projects and bring your business to a new level.

Final Word

In this article, we told you the basics of how does augmented reality work. This method is a new step in marketing innovations, and it indeed gives more opportunities for brands to develop. For those who want to keep up with trends, do not hesitate to include AR in your future strategies. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!