How to Use Technology to Shed More Calories

It’s challenging enough to try and lose weight in ideal conditions. However, not many people can dedicate their time fully to achieving this goal. In fact, if you’re like most, it’s probably really important to you but sits at a low position on your priority list.

However, in the latest decades, technologies that help you lose weight have emerged and can come in handy in reaching your goals. So keep reading to learn more about utilizing technology to help you shed more calories.

1.  Health Apps

There is no limit to what health apps can help you achieve. Some keep track of your sleeping habits to help you understand your sleeping patterns as well as help you sleep well for better health and weight loss. While others keep track of your calorie intake by letting you know the nutritional value of the meals you’re taking to help make better meal choices.

So, no matter what metric or health statistic you want to grasp, there is a health app that will assist you and make your weight loss journey that much easier.

2.  Wearables

Wearables are devices you wear on your body as accessories or as part of your clothing with practical and health uses. For instance, most smartwatches can monitor your heart rate and the steps you’ve taken in a day to show you how physically active you are. But still do what you’d expect a smartwatch to do. And because measuring how active you are during a day helps you be more active, we are confident the technology will help you shed a few calories.

3.  Video Games

Who said everything good for you needs to be boring. At least not the folks over at Betway Insider. They conducted tests with 17 gamers to determine if games help you shed calories and, if they do, which ones help you shed the most. They found that playing video games actually helps one burn calories, and games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto will help you burn the most.

So if you’ve had a long day, there is no reason not to burn those calories from the burger you had going home. Just fire up one of your video games and play for a few minutes.


4.  Music

The hardest part about working out is finding the motivation to keep going. And even though music is not a new technology, it is a perfect motivator, and playing the right track can keep you working out for longer than if you were not. However, the technology we listen to music has improved and can mean the difference between enjoying your run or giving up after a few yards.

5.  Exercise Equipment

Probably the most significant technology when it comes to shedding calories. Exercise equipment helps you work out specific body parts to achieve your desired results. In addition, exercise equipment makes workouts more efficient by increasing resistance or reducing the space needed to work out. For instance, when using a treadmill, you can run ten miles without leaving your house.