How to Write an Opinion Essay

An opinion paper or essay is a formal piece of writing in which you must express your ideas on a certain issue. You should be explicit about your beliefs and the reasons behind them, offering facts or examples to back up anything that may appear irrational.

A fantastic opinion essay may alter one’s entire point of view. In seconds, you’ll be able to turn heads and convince people to reconsider their positions on the subject.

This is due to the fact that a well-crafted argument supported by facts or examples will undoubtedly keep your readers wondering about what they just read for days after they finish reading it.

It’s not always a simple goal, though, because you need excellent arguments and relevant instances to persuade others of what you’re saying. Therefore, you may require professional papers writing help to achieve your goal.

How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Here are the methods for writing an excellent opinion essay.

Introduction to an Opinion Essay

The first paragraph of an essay is generally referred to as the introduction; it must capture the reader’s interest so that they continue reading for additional information. An excellent essay starter should engage and fascinate the audience.

A “hook” might be a statistic or statistical piece that demonstrates what this article has in store for its readers while also establishing why their specific argument is important.

Main Body

The essay’s body paragraphs will cover anything from arguments to supporting evidence. This part usually consists of three paragraphs, but you can add more if you have extra ideas.

Here’s how to format each paragraph.

  • Argument or Reason – Explain the major point of your argument. It should argue your thesis statement and be backed up with proof.
  • Supporting Evidence or Proof – It is critical to express your case and back it up with evidence. Find the best approach to back up what you’re saying with research, facts, and expert quotations so that others don’t disregard your perspective as unfounded.
  • Concluding Line – This line summarizes the primary topic of the paragraph and transitions it to the next paragraph.

It is critical that you carefully include your arguments and supporting evidence in this area. Recognize that many readers may disagree with your point of view, so stay forceful and relevant if you want to persuade them.

Based on this point, an opinion essay may seem similar to a persuasive essay, but it is not, and you should keep this in mind while writing the essay. The professionals at masterpapers are well-versed with the knowledge and requirements for this type of assignment.


Any essay should conclude with a summary overview that leaves the reader happy with your views and ideas.

In an opinion essay, one might change their thesis sentence to emphasize how they agree or disagree with something.

You as a writer can conclude on a strong note by leaving readers wondering what it was about this issue that piqued your attention.

Writing an essay conclusion does not have to be difficult, and with a little practice and focus, you may end your essay on a good note.


Proofreading is an essential step in the process. It is advisable not to skip this stage because you will undoubtedly make blunders. Proofread attentively and correct any errors.

Following these procedures will allow you to create your opinion essay quickly and simply.

20 Sentence Starters for an Opinion Essay

Here are some ideas for phrase starters for your opinion essay:

  • In my view….
  • I’m not sure whether I believe it…
  • I believe, in my opinion…
  • That is what I believe…
  • Taking a stand (firmly), I am confident that…
  • I am certain that I (certainly) feel/think…
  • I’m inclined to believe…
  • Personally, I believe…
  • It goes without saying…
  • It looks to me…
  • This represents…
  • This is how it looks to me…
  • My major purpose for coming here is…
  • Other factors are…
  • It is undeniable that…
  • It’s possible…
  • The most well-known fact is…
  • According to research,…
  • For instance, as an example…
  • As a result…

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Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay

Here are some pointers to help you write an opinion essay quickly.

  • Understand the definition of an opinion and why you disagree with the statement.
  • Before you begin writing, form an opinion on the chosen topic.
  • Conduct thorough research.
  • If you don’t want your audience to miss your point, state it right away.
  • Make the introduction exciting and compelling. To entice your readers, use an intriguing ‘hook.’
  • Do not utilize questions in your essay title.
  • Begin with the most compelling argument.
  • Use active voice and avoid using passive voice.
  • Incorporate some emotion.
  • If necessary, get expert writing assistance.

These pointers will assist you in writing a solid opinion essay and impressing your teacher.


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