HWID Spoofers: Common Questions Answered

Your hardwire ID number (HWID) is a critical piece of information that uniquely identifies your computer and when you play any game or use a product it enables the developer to look at this number and use it to call out someone they believe is cheating using hacks.

When your computer is identified in this way an anti-cheat program has the capability of using this HWID data to ban you. Getting caught cheating is not a good scenario, whichever way you look at it, which is why you might consider using an HWID spoofer.

What is an HWID spoofer?

The obvious questions you will have at this point would be what is an HWID spoofer and why should I use one?

An HWID spoofer allows you to avoid anti-cheat preventive measures by changing individual hardware numbers on your computer. This ensures that your hardware remains hidden from these security measures and allows you to take advantage of hacks without the usual risk of being caught doing so.

The spoofer program is designed to generate a different number for each piece of hardware. That means every hardware item from your motherboard, monitor, graphic card, even your modem, will have its own HWID number.

It should be remembered that as anti-cheating measures become more sophisticated by the day you need to stay one step ahead.

The consequences of getting banned are there for all to see. The anti-cheat industry will use your computer’s unique identification number to get you banned almost instantly.

One of the only ways around a scenario like this is usually to resort to having to completely reformat every aspect of your PC. However, even taking this evasive will often lead to a further ban and the only option at that point would be to end up buying a whole new PC and monitor.

The only way to use an undetected spoofer that has the ability to change all of your computer ID information and keep you at arm’s length from anti-cheating checks.

Are all HWID spoofers the same?

Absolutely not! If you are tempted to purchase a free HWID spoofer as a cheap fix it will often prove to be a decision that you end up regretting when you suffer a ban.

You might also find that if you download an inferior version of an HWID spoofer you might end up having to reform your computer.

The only way to be confident that you are getting the best protection possible is to use a paid-for HWID spoofer that is constantly being updated and developed so that you stay one step ahead. This product is specifically designed to make it look like you are using a different PC.

A good tip would be to look for an HWID spoofer that incorporates ring 0. If it offers this feature it can usually be a good guide to telling you that you are choosing one of the safest spoofers available.

Does it work for any game?

If you are playing a specific game and want to know that you can use cheats with impunity you will need to check that the HWID spoofer you are using will give you the anonymity that you want.

The provider for your chosen spoofer should make you aware of any games that its product will not work on when using cheating software.

It might be a very short list of games that are not compatible if you choose a premium HWID spoofer but if your favorite game is Fortnite, for example, you clearly need to know that you can use some hacks without detection.

What you are looking for is the ability to use some of the most popular cheats and know that you have the ability and support to use the software with the backup of help to fix a problem in the unlikely event that you experience problems.

If you pick the right spoofer you should be able to use it across a range of the most popular games, including Modern Warfare, Apex Legends, and Battlefield 2042, to name a few.

What if you get banned?

It is important to understand that if you get caught using hacks or cheats you could get a permanent ban.

The way to avoid that situation becoming a reality is to ensure that you use the best quality software and support around. A good sign that you have chosen the right quality HWID spoofer would be when you are able to browse hacks with the promise of the right technology and triple-layer protection to keep you safe.

The right HWID spoofer knows how to keep bans away from the products you are using, allowing you to use cheats undetected.

Do I need a VPN?

If you want privacy and security you really do need to sign up for a virtual private network (VPN).

There are plenty of VPN providers to choose from but one name comes up regularly as one that is most likely to work, which is NORDVPN. This is not a specific recommendation but it might help to know which provider has a good reputation for delivering what you need. It is also worth mentioning that Express VPN is also well regarded for all-round performance.

All you have to do is install your VPN software and connect to your dedicated IP address. This is also a procedure you might have to follow if you get banned. The extra step in the process would involve uninstalling the game that you have been banned from and the launcher so that you can start over.

Does the spoofer need updating?

As security measures and updates are constantly changing you will also need to update the spoofer once a week so that you can keep pace with any renewed attempts to detect cheats or hacks.

A good HWID spoofer program will provide weekly updates after they have written new code and newly compiled the loader ready for action.

Whether you are using cheats or aimbot products, you want to be sure that your chosen HWID spoofer will keep you safe and secure online. Now that you know the answers to the FAQ’s you should be able to choose the right solution with a high degree of confidence,  allowing you to avoid detection and bans.