Icy Dock MB664UEB-1S USB/Firewire 3.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

For testing I checked out the drive with HD Tune.

The transfer rate was 32.2MB/s, which is about what I’d expect from a USB external hard drive. Access time was 15.7ms.

Icy Dock MB664UEB-1S USB/Firewire 3.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure


I didn’t mention the legs. With the legs extended, the enclosure is probably as stable as most very thin external HDD enclosures in a vertical position. Being made of plastic, the legs seem a little fragile. Though it would take an abusive action like dropping the enclosure with the legs extended, or pressing down on the top of it, the legs could be broken and some care should be taken.

Also, a somewhat strange thing I found about the enclosure, though it has no fan, I actually felt some air moving from the top vents. I guess that Icy Dock has created some natural airflow by using the venting on top of the enclosure. After a couple of hours, the enclosure was cool to the touch, unlike my Lacie external enclosure, which is usually pretty warm.

One other thing I didn’t mention is removal of the drive. Unlock the enclosure, open the “door”, and the drive slides right out. Very simple.

The Icy Dock MB664UEB-1S is a very nice enclosure. It is truly tool-free, I didn’t even need a knife or scissors to open the package, much less any tools whatsoever to install the hard drive. Pop open the enclosure, insert the drive, lock it and insert the power and interface cables. That’s it.

The only issue I found with the enclosure was the legs, which seem a little fragile. Only real abuse, such as dropping it, someone leaning on it or sitting on it would break them, but it could be done.

The Icy Dock MB664UEB-1S’s page is currently deleted from my favorite online retailer, I think due to an incorrect price, it appears that the dual-drive model’s price was on the MB664UEB-1S. Surfing around, it appears that the MB664UEB-1S is in the $100 range. The MB664UEA-1S USB/Firewire 400 model runs $75, and the MB664-US-1S USB/eSATA version is $55. The UEB-1S is more expensive due to the Oxford 924DSB chipset and Firewire 800 capability.

So the question is what interface you need. Any of these enclosures would be an excellent choice. ThinkComputers.org gives the Icy Dock MB664UEB-1S a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Totally tool-free installation
– Easily used in either horizontal or vertical configuration
– Natural ventilation keeps hard drive cool

– Legs seem a little fragile
– PC users may find the eSATA model a better choice