In Win 905 Case Seen At CES 2019

In Win’s newest 900-series case, the 905, was on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center here at CES 2019, and we are here with a quick look. The 905 is marketed as a mid-tower case, though at first look the case definitely seems more like a full-tower.


Like many In Win cases, the 905 features a mix of aluminum panels and accents, highlighted by tempered glass side panels, all mounted to an SECC frame. The design of the 905 offers up a mostly flat front panel, with rounded upper and lower edges, and an RGB LED illuminated accent about a quarter of the way up.


Front I/O offerings are on the left side of the case and include a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C among others. Just below the I/O area is a cutout, similar to what we have seen on previous In Win cases like the 909. One really cool feature about this cutout is the easily removable filter that keeps dust out of both the bottom fan mount, and the power supply that resides in the bottom section of the case.


Available sometime in Q2 of 2019, we expect to see the In Win 909 priced right around $280.