Industrial Stainless Steel Keyboard Launched by Filco

Filco has just launched their Majestouch 2S Metal SUS mechanical keyboard. This keyboard caught my attention for its industrial look. The keyboard is housed inside a 1.6 to 2 mm thick SUS304HL (HL for hairline finish) stainless steel chassis. With the integrated wrist rest the keyboard weighs in at 4.4 kg.

filco 1

The chassis has some holes cut into the side and even a metal handle at the top. There are screw-in height-adjustable legs and if those are not tall enough there is an optional kit for even more height. Filco will offer the keyboard with Cherry MX mechanical switches in brown, red, blue, and silver (speed) and the keycaps are PBT with a light green color for the legends.

filco 3 filco 4

The keyboard comes with a USB cable, but there is also a PS/2 adapter included. The keyboard has a MSRP of US $336.

filco 5

Via Diatec Japan

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