Intel announces Xe HPG GPU based on new Xe architecture, coming 2021

For a while now, we have been hearing about Intel’s upcoming GPUs. The CPU giant has finally decided to step its game up in the GPU side of things, something that we had all been waiting for, for a long time. Intel today announced the Xe HPG GPU designed for gaming. Read on!

At the Architecture Day 2020 held today, Intel announced the Intel Xe HPG. HPG stands for High Performance (Architecture) for Gaming. The platform is set to ship in 2021 and will come with GDDR6 memory and a single tile chip. Additionally, there is also hardware ray tracing support.

Intel Xe Lineup

The kicker here is that Intel will not be using their own foundries to fabricate on this architecture. This is likely due to the recurring delays in downsizing the process, including the recently announced delay in the 7nm process. Intel has said that the HPG will be made on an external process, which is likely to be TSMC.

Intel also announced three sub-tiered microarchitectures under the Xe branding, Xe HPC, Xe HP, and Xe LP. The HP and HPC are designed for data centers. Intel Xe LP is the integrated version that will ship with Tiger Lake chips that will arrive soon, but it will also get a discrete version later.

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