Intel Arc A380 Challenger Graphics Card Launched By ASRock

It looks like ASRock will be the second company to officially launch and Intel Arc A380 graphics card, behind GUNNIR. This new was already leaked last week, but ASRock has made it official today. The official product name is the Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX 6GB OC. This is a much smaller card than the GUNNIR version with official dimensions of 190 x 124 x 39 mm and a single-fan cooling solution, which makes it perfect for mini-ITX builds.

asrock arc a380 2

ASRock has the base frequency of this card set at 2250 MHz, which is slightly higher than the GUNNIR card (2000 MHz), but the boost frequency of the card is not listed on the ASRock website. The card comes equipped with 6GB of GDDR6 memory, ASRock lists both 15 and 15.5 Gbps for the memory speed so we are unsure on that one. As far as connections go there are three DisplayPort 2.0 and a single HDMI 2.0b port. The card is currently only on sale in the PRC for $192.

asrock arc a380 3

Via ASRock China, VideoCardz

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