Intel “Hades Canyon” NUC Motherboard Pictured

Intel announced their brand new “Hades Canyon” NUC back in January and we even got to go hands on with it at CES, but we really were not able to get a close look at the internals. The “Hades Canyon” NUC will be available very soon (Spring) and as we are getting close to the launch Intel shared a photo of the motherboard. The rectangular board with its rounded edges is made to fit the rather cool NUC chassis.

hades canyon

The top side of the motherboard (not shown) features different slots (memory & M.2) as well as ports and headers. The bottom of the motherboard (which is shown above) shows the Core i7-8709G MCM, the chipset, and some VRM components powering the two. The Core i7-8709G MCM looks pretty awesome! What do you guys think?

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