Interesting Scythe GT360 Liquid CPU Cooler Pictured

A rather interesting all-in-one liquid CPU cooler from Scythe has been pictured. It is their GT360, which is not part of their current liquid cooling product stack on either their Japan website or in western markets. The reason why this cooler is so interesting is that we can see top-facing fitting on the water block. This means that Scythe did not source this cooler from an AIO cooler OEM, but rather designed it themselves.

Scythe GT360 Scythe GT360

This AIO is very close to a custom loop with a CPU water block, in-line pump, a 360mm radiator that has a reservoir, and three high static pressure fans. These photos of the cooler surfaced on Chinese social media. As of right now there is no official product page and we don’t know much more than what these pictures give us.

Scythe GT360

Via HXL (Twitter)

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