Internet Cafes Are Now Being Used For Large Scale Crypto Mining Operations

Crypto mining has brought various impacts including power outages in Iran, hardware shortage, etc. The list does not stop as Internet cafes have now started switching to mining since it’s more profitable.

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The Internet cafes have been out of business since the Pandemic struck, and now is the time to switch to a profitable business, crypto mining. A Vietnamese internet cafe owner has shifted to crypto mining as his Facebook post said:

“Switching business season, Profits are higher than net business, whoever wants to do, contact me for free.”

It isn’t surprising as Internet cafes have no business since Corona, and it was wise to switch to a profitable business. @I_Leak_Vn has found a few pictures of the cafe.

This cafe was using a vast amount of cards since the sourcing was easy as the cafe is owned by a computer store. It can be seen in the picture that most of the cards used are RTX 3080, which is one more example of how consumer cards are being used for mining. They could have sold them, but they speculated a higher profit in mining.

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This is a hard time for gamers as they are unable to get their hands on the latest and greatest from NVIDIA and AMD due to the crypto craze.

Via Facebook