iOne Gemini P29MT 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Kit Review


Before using the keyboard you actually have to install it and get it working. Setting it up is pretty simple, but it may take you a couple of tries to get it to work. First you must charge your rechargeable batteries for the keyboard and install the batteries both in the keyboard and in the presenter. After that is complete just plug in the USB receiver and press the button on it. You have eight seconds to press the connect button on the keyboard to sync the keyboard. The light on the receiver is supposed to flash rapidly 3 times once it is connected, but I didn’t get this to show. Instead I just tested out the keyboard and it worked without the 3 blink notification.

The process is similar with the presenter. Just press the button on the receiver and then hold down the right mouse button for five seconds; mind you this must be within the eight seconds after pressing the button on the receiver.

After everything is setup you can now begin to use the keyboard. The keyboard is a full size keyboard shrunk to fit on a smaller area. The most commonly used keys are normal size, but keys like page down, function keys and arrow keys have all been reduced in size to fit onto the keyboard.

The response time on the keys seems to be a little slower than what I’m used to, but are still easy to use. The keyboard is very light and seems to be pretty sturdy for its weight. The piano black finish on the keyboard is a nice look, but it leaves finger prints easily. I also enjoyed the setup of the trackball and mouse buttons, they are easy to use and seem to fit the keyboard accordingly.

The presenter seems to be very sturdy fairly sturdy all around, but I found the paint on the keys to be a little cheap looking. I think iOne could have added higher quality paint for the buttons. I found when using the mouse on the presenter that the dpi was extremely slow, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you use it for.


Overall the iOne Gemini P29MT Wireless Presenter Kit seems to do exactly what it’s supposed to. This 5 in 1 kit is the perfect combo for any company or person who does a lot of presentations. Not only does it have a keyboard with a mouse, but the presenter has a mouse too. This makes it handy when you have more than one person doing the talking in a presentation and leaves out the distraction of switching persons in a presentation.

This combo set is fairly new to the market so I was only able to find the keyboard for around $85. This would seem like a worthy business investment too me because of the 5 in 1 combo you’re getting in the price. It comes with everything you need for a presentation. Overall ThinkComputers awards the iOne Gemini P29MT an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small


– 5 in 1 presenter kit
– Small and compact
– Easy to recharge keyboard
– MCE keys, built in mouse


– Leaves fingerprints easily
– Paint on presenter buttons is low quality