Is Console Vs PC A Fair Comparison?

Consoles and PCs have their dedicated fans, and there is a long running tradition of the two facing off, in what is essentially a rather futile competition. PCs are better than consoles, is the argument, or consoles better than PCs. The rather odd opposition has gone on for some time, with there being a list of often repeated points as to why one gaming system is better than the other.

Of course, a logical person will see that the two have their pros and cons, and that each is perfect for their own fan base. It is, of course, true that an upgraded PC is capable of much better graphics than a standard console. This is only logical, given that the hardware is a great deal more advanced. But then, not everyone wants to spend enormous amounts of money upgrading hardware, for what is essentially a hobby. In other words; it doesn’t matter which play platform is used, as long as it suits the user, and with there having been flops and successes in all sectors, what players choose often comes down to personal preference, and budget too.

But there is a point that neither of the two fan bases ever seems to acknowledge; should the two platforms even be compared?

A PC Is Not Just For Gaming

The obvious thing that is often not mentioned is that a PC is not just a platform for gaming online at Gaming Club NZ, or playing games like FIFA or World of Warcraft. In order for a PC to even operate, and run games, it needs a complicated and resource consuming operating system. This is Windows, more often than not, and Windows needs an enormous amount of resources simply just to function. A fair portion of the resources in a PC are, therefore, dedicated entirely to running an operating system.

With this operating system a computer can run software far beyond games. PCs are workstations as much as they are for gaming, which means that even though PCs have fr more powerful than consoles, in many cases, a portion of the resources is already occupied simply for the PC to function. PCs can indeed run games, but are designed to do far more than simply be gaming platforms.

A Console Is Gaming Specific

A console is very much designed to fulfil one purpose; play games. There is less in terms of hardware horsepower, but then a console is also not bogged down by running complicated and demanding operating systems. Virtually all a console’s hardware can be utilised for playing games, which is very significant. In other words; a console does not need as much horsepower as a PC in order to run an equivalent game.

The Comparison Is Not Equal

In other words; it is already obvious that the two platforms have their pros and cons, and fighting over which is better is generally silly. But more so, a direct comparison between the two is not even an accurate benchmark. It is something like comparing two models of car against one another, even when the two models have not been designed for the same purposes.

Either way, people may just as well game on both platforms, and not restrict themselves unnecessarily.

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