Is it really possible to win in Online Casinos?

Online casinos have grown in popularity over the past few decades, but is it really possible to win in these games? There is no simple answer to this question. However, you should note that it is not possible to consistently win in online casinos. There are simple methods to boost your chances of winning and to ensure that in the long run, you make more money than you lose.

The House Advantage

Casinos offer games of chance, but it is not possible for people to win so much that the casino makes losses. This is because the house has an advantage which ensures that the casino wins more money in the long run. You can increase your odds of winning by going for games that have lower house advantage percentages. With such games, you will have higher chances of making more money in the long run.

Use a Gambling Strategy

Playing without a gambling strategy is a sure-fire way of losing money to online casinos. As noted on CasinoSecret JP, the Martingale system can be used to increase your chances of winning. It has been used for a long time and has proven to be a highly profitable strategy. In this system, you simply need to set a bet size and stick to it until you make a win or a loss. After every loss, you will need to double the bet size, and after each win, you will go back to your original bet size. Doubling your bet after every loss ensures that any win you get covers the total amount of money spent on the games. The Martingale strategy should only be used for casino games that have a 1:1 payout, such as outside roulette bets.

With slot machines, a similar strategy can be employed. But instead of doubling your bet after every loss. Instead, you should set aside a bankroll and start with the lowest bet size. Once you score a win, you can move on to a table with a larger bet size and double your bankroll. If you do this long enough, you will be able to recover your losses and still make money from the bets.

The Martingale system is considered very risky since you can easily end up losing all your money. A better strategy for the risk-averse would be the Labouchere system or the cancellation strategy. In this system, you will create a unit size and determine how many units you want to win in your session. With this figure, you will be able to create a string of numbers that adds up to your total win. From the sequence, you will add the first and last figures and use them as your first bet. If you win, you will cancel both of these figures and proceed to add the new first and last digits. This should go on till you cancel all the digits in the sequence. In case you lose a bet, you will have to add the lost bet to the end of the sequence.

The Labouchere system is less risky than the Martingale system, but you should note that every loss will require you to increase your subsequent bet size.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is another crucial factor which will determine whether or not you will get a win from the casino. It can also prevent you from gambling irresponsibly. To manage your bankroll properly, you need to first determine how much money you can spend in the online casino. You should be ready and willing to lose this money.

The total amount should then be split to small amounts which will be spent on every bet. This bet size can increase when you get wins, and it can be reduced when you get losses. But the increase should never be dramatic since that can make you lose your winnings and an initial stake in a single bet. This usually happens when people are on winning streaks, and it can hurt your chances of winning any money from the casino.

You should always ensure that greed does not tempt you to spend a lot of money at once. Spending little money at a time will also help you last longer in the casino, and this will be more fun for you. A good rule of thumb would be to only stake a maximum 2 per cent of your bankroll at any given time.

Make Even Money French Roulette Bets

Online casinos offer many different variations of traditional casino games. But the one with the best odds is French roulette. In this variation, you can place even money bets without worrying about the zero on the wheel. This is because the game applies the la partage rule, which means that any even bets which land on the zero are paid back to you.

French roulette has a 1.35% house advantage, meaning your chances of winning at 48.64% chance of winning even money bets. This is even higher than the odds of winning blackjack and baccarat. Even money French roulette bets are ideal for people who have small bankrolls. You can choose to play this game virtually or in live dealer casinos. The variation is mostly found in online casinos that use Microgaming and Realtime Gaming software.

Go for Smaller Jackpots

If you are ready to bet on slot jackpots, then you should consider going for the smaller wins. There are higher chances of winning these jackpots. With higher jackpots, you will be unlikely to win, even if you spend long hours in the casino. Unless you are extremely careful, you can lose all your money when playing the larger jackpots.

Using Bonuses

Online casinos are extremely competitive, and this is because new ones crop up every day. To grow their customer bases, these casinos offer many bonuses to their clients. You can expect them to offer a welcome bonus and VIP benefits, at the minimum. But before you jump to the most generous offer, you should check their terms and conditions. Some of the most generous offers come with terms and conditions that significantly limit your chances of winning. For example, if the casino requires you to wager the bonus too many times, you will almost always be guaranteed a loss. It would be better to go for bonuses that are small but which have favourable conditions.

Slot Types

It is important to carefully choose your slot machine. The first thing you should check is the return to player rate, and it should always be above 96%. With such slot machines, you will have higher chances of winning in the long run. But you should note that this is a theoretical figure which indicates how much of the bets will be returned by the slot in the long run.

Besides this figure, you should check the volatility of the slot machine. Those with higher volatility are likely to bring higher returns, but you will lose money with most of the bets you make. For bets with lower volatility, you will be able to get smaller returns more frequently. Slots with lower volatility are ideal for people with smaller bankrolls since they will be able to recover their money in the short run.

You should also check the probability of triggering the features and bonus rounds in the slot. Once you find a profitable machine, you should try it out in instant mode. If you like it, go ahead and wager real money on the game.


It is possible to win in online casinos, but you will have to be very careful with your money. Start by determining how much money you have, and then you can find a strategy that can fit with the size of your bankroll. It is important to only gamble with money you can afford to lose. This is because the odds are against you in online casinos. You can follow the tips above to increase your chances of making money in the casino.

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