It Looks Like FrozenCPU Has Closed Its Doors

FrozenCPU has been serving PC Modding and PC Watercooling enthusiasts for 14 years! They offer the worlds largest selection of PC Modification supplies. Well it looks like they have apparently closed their doors. This was brought to light by forum member WebstarXC at who had worked for the company. He has said that physical damage of the warehouse has occurred, all of the staff have been dismissed, and that the company has no plans of re-establishing itself.


It looks like current orders are not being filled, which is not surprising as all of the staff has been dismissed.

Here is the complete full posting by WebstarXC:

This is not spam, nor is it a joke of any sort. This is a serious matter that I’d like to address that has not been released officially to anyone. Out of respect for privacy I will not be going into detail.

Many people understand that I was a FrozenCPU employee for almost 3 years. I loved the time I spent there, it was not only a fun and enriching experience, but built my work ethic to allow me to become a professional individual through high school. I established unparalleled relationships with my coworkers, many of whom I can consider family. The office staff however, was not the same.
The owner has struggled a long battle with addiction, and events that unfolded earlier last week have rendered the company unoperational and shut down for good. Physical damage of the warehouse has occurred as well as the dismissal of all support and warehouse staff; the company has no plans of re-establishing themselves.

My initiatives are harmless; I want to protect the community that fostered my love for computers and technology from sending payments or spending money on products that will not come. Some users have already caught on to this fact after their UPS Overnights were not delivered today. Since all staff has been fired, nobody is updating the website to inform the loyal community about the closure, nor has anyone taken steps to shut the website down. I have no sources and no images, and my credibility of this testimony rests on my previous employment with the company (why I nested this thread in “rumors and unconfirmed articles”).

Thanks everyone for your time. Mods, if I have done wrong, please PM me and I’ll fix any issues. Please DO NOT PM me regarding this topic; I have no further information to give.

We have tried via e-mail and phone to reach out to FrozenCPU, but no one has answered. A rep from Swiftech commented to confirm that this information was correct, then he redacted his comments.

We are unsure what will happen to FrozenCPU, but we do urge you to not purchase anything from FrozenCPU for the time being.

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