It Looks Like Plextor is Shutting Down

Plextor was always a name we knew in the storage space for their quality and high-end performance. It looks like they will be shutting down. Plextor’s parent company Kioxia has decided to retire the Plextor name for solid state drives and instead it is going to market products under its State Storage Technology Corporation (SSSTC) brand. You might not think this makes sense as Plextor is a widely recognized name in the industry, but SSSTC and Kioxia is going to strictly focus on enterprise, data center, and industrial segments rather than the consumer market.

plextor ssd

Kioxia acquired Plextor and its parent company Lite-On’s SSD business back in 2019. Since then we haven’t heard that much from Plextor and they sort of lagged behind the competition when it came to new storage technologies.

The Plextor website is already directing to and there are no listings for any consumer drives. Current Plextor drive owners will continue to receive warranty support and RMA service, but no new Plextor drives are expected to be released.

For me I fondly remember Plextor as the brand you HAD to buy if you were getting a CD-RW drive. Do you have any memories of Plextor? Let us know in the comments.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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