Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones Review

Usage & Testing
To be honest I used to not be a fan of earbud-type headphones. I never found them comfortable and I did prefer over the ear headphones. But over the past couple of year I have actually learned to like earbud-type headphones. Compared to many other types of earbuds the ones on the VOX are designed differently. Their design is made to fit the contour of your ears and wearing them is very comfortable.

For testing I will be using 4 different headphones to listen to the same tracks. These headphones include:

Jabra VOX
iPhone 4 Earphones
V-MODA Vibrato (Review)
RHA MA450i (Review)

The tracks that we are going to be listening to are:

Armin Van Buuren – Intense
Lil Wayne – Love Me
Colbie Caillat – Bubbly (Acoustic)
DragonForce – Through the fire and flames
M83 – Intro

All of these tracks sounded great on the VOX headphones. One thing that I did notice about these headphones is that they sounded much more crisp and vibrate whereas many of the other headphones sounded flat. This is very impressive for earphones and for pricetag on the VOX earphones. Jabra does include (via download) their Sound App which brings improvements to audio such as Dolby Digital Plus. This will improve many of your tracks even more.

The in-line controls work great and are very responsive. If you hold down the center button it will activate Siri (for iPhone users). I took many calls using the included microphone and while people did say I sounded clear they did mention they could tell I was using some type of headset. I used the VOX headphones for many hours at a time and they did not get uncomfortable or anything like that.

So what about those cables that are made to not get tangled? I would say the way they are designed and the addition of the magnetic clips make them less tangled, even when you shove them in the carrying case or your pocket they become untangled very quickly.